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NTRO releasing free data sets to improve road safety

As part of its commitment to National Road Safety Week, the National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) is making its Road Safety Intelligence Toolkit (RSIT) available to all local governments throughout Australia, free of charge.

RSIT is a data-driven solution the NTRO has developed for the benefit of the Australian community that relies on data supplied by transport agencies across Australia.

It can analyse how dangerous a road is as well as how roads compare to each other in terms of safety.

It also breaks crashes down by location, gender, age and a range of other demographics.

The toolkit will be available to all local governments until 30 June 2024.

“We want Councils and local communities to see for themselves exactly how safe their roads are, how they compare to other local government authorities, and where the improvements need to be made on their road networks,” a NTRO spokesperson said.

“We hope that by making RSIT available on a free trial to Councils, that it can kick-start the change towards using better data and innovation to create safer roads.”

Formerly known as the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), NTRO has the tools and skills necessary to analyse and understand the impacts of the road safety data to give effect to positive changes on roads.

“We are able to advise road managers where they should prioritise their investment to save lives, and who is most at risk, and where,” the spokesperson said.

According to NTRO, innovative and data-driven solutions can help shape a new future free of fatalities across Australia’s road networks.

“Lives are lost and irrevocably changed every single day on Australia’s roads,” the spokesperson said.

“People make what should be a routine journey to work, school, or the shops, but don’t make it home safely to their families and loved ones.

“Data and innovation can save lives on our roads. The tools are there. It’s time to start using them.”

In other news, the Victorian Transport Association commended the ongoing investments in road and rail freight infrastructure as outlined in the 2024-25 State Budget.

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