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OMFB Pacific releases new Power Take-Off range

A new OMFB product release has been a long time coming, with engineers working steadily over the last year to finally launch a range of 15 new Power Take-Off (PTO) models. 

“We have been working on this for some time now,” says OMFB Pacific Product Manager, Gary Butler. “It’s quite an important release for us.”

It is all good news for operators of refuse vehicles, concrete agitators, vacuum trucks and any other heavy duty application.

As one of the largest PTO manufacturers in the world, OMFB already has an extensive range of PTOs, including a range specifically for transmissions made by Allison – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fully automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles.

This newest PTO range made for Allison transmissions, however, is a much heavier duty product. 

“Allison transmissions are one of the most common transmissions out there,” Gary says. “Because of this, there is always interest in increasing options.”

OMFB, which is short for Officina Meccanica Fratelli Bianchi (Bianchi Brothers Mechanical Workshop), began in Italy and got its break by manufacturing spare parts for Italian, American, English and German trucks which were being used for post-war reconstruction efforts. Today the global company’s core business revolves around PTOs, pumps, oil tanks and valves. 

As Gary explains, PTOs come in different ratios to give different output speeds to suit different applications which is why OMFB is bringing out the model in five different ratios. There are two different types of drives as well – constant mesh (also known as live drive) for constant engagement and a hot shift version which allows for engagement and disengagement of the drive. 

This new range of PTOs has a torque rating of up to 900 newton metres, the highest rating available on the market and includes helical internal gears, something that was introduced in OMFB standard Allison units a few years ago and significantly reduces operating noise. The PTOs also come with a four-bolt output so a pump can be directly mounted to them.

“As with all of our PTOS, we’ve got a great range of drive flanges and adapters,” Gary says.  “Should anyone want to shaft drive their equipment or adapt to an SAE style of mount, for example, we’ve got the right products available to be able to do that.”

The new PTO range is currently being rolled out, Gary says, adding that the entire series will be fully available in 2024. 

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