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On-board load management made easy

Smart Truck Solutions (STS) is the distributor of Australia’s first wireless smart on-board mass (OBM) management solution – the Right Weigh load scales.

Leading on-board truck scales and weigh gauges expert, Right Weigh, teamed up with compliance telematics provider V-DAQ to offer a smart On-Board Mass (OBM) system suited for Australian transport and logistics needs. The Type B approved air suspension gauge provides a connected on-board weighing system that offers productivity and compliance benefits.

One of the key considerations for all transport and logistics operators is how to maximise payload capacity and make the most of their vehicle’s cargo space while remaining compliant with weight distribution and load restraint regulations.

Right Weigh load scales are on-point to address those exact concerns. The in-dash and exterior digital scales readout screens with digital displays are designed to be compatible with most truck and trailer air-suspension axle configurations, which is crucial for observing Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

By combining Right Weigh’s trusted weigh gauges with V-DAQ’s smart telematics the solution offers operators an easy and reliable way to monitor weight by axle group and more via the Right Weigh mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.
“Users can view on-ground weight of their truck and trailer either from the gauge on the unit or anywhere within Bluetooth range,” says Leigh Noske, owner of Smart Truck Solutions. “They can also share that information with fleet operators via email – promoting a safer and more productive way to monitor and maintain legal payload limits.”

The smart OBM solution features a new driver app (currently available for Android) that allows operators to easily view and record real-time weights from within the cab. It’s flexible, easy to use, and enables location and mass tracking. It offers extreme accuracy with payload weight checks – right down into small 10kg increments, which is a big advantage over analogue air gauges.

A testament to its popularity and proven benefits is the number of operators across Australia who are using the solution to boost productivity, and improve safety and compliance.

Apart from the accuracy, affordability and user friendliness of the OBM solution, the teams at Smart Truck Solutions ensure excellent customer service and in case of there is ever a problem with the gauge, they make sure the problem is resolved promptly and there is no time loss for the customer.

The Right Weigh load scales offer telematics for compliance with permits and/or notices. Smart Truck Solutions is in the process of getting connected with most telematics companies for Smart OBM compliance.

The Smart OBM solution is flexible, easy to use, and allows location and mass tracking. It provides the convenience of higher mass, greater access, lower risk, tag and go in 30 seconds. The simple, plug-and-play road access solution allows fleet operators to seamlessly manage their data, quickly comply with new regulatory measures, and access value-added opportunities that increase profitability and efficiency.

“The 201 Series is one of the most versatile exterior on-board digital scale systems from Right Weigh,” Leigh says. “It is available with a dual air input that can be used to monitor a single axle group with two height control valves or it can be used to monitor two separate axle groups on the same vehicle.”

The additional features of Right Weigh’s 201 Series exterior digital load scales, including PIN code protection and an overweight warning feature, make the OBM system ideal for maintaining legal weights efficiently and safely. Used in conjunction with the free mobile phone App, Right Weigh’s load scales provide real-time data on payload weight for drivers and fleet operators without leaving the cab.

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