Over $250k handed over to injured truckie Michelle Pillar

Mortlake Roadhouse owner, Dion Symons, who was a driving force behind mammoth efforts to raise money for injured truckie Michelle Pillar, met with her yesterday to hand over more than $250,000.

The livestock truckie was involved in a horrific accident early this year that left her with life-changing injuries.

It took almost 12 hours to free her from the wreckage and she suffered critical injuries, with both legs requiring amputation.

After being approached by truckies Matthew Brown from Boyle’s Livestock Transport and Jason Keane from Kelly Livestock, who are friends with Michelle’s brother Lachie, Symons started a fundraiser – and it took off. “They wanted to do something for her and didn’t know how to go about it, so they came in and they’ve seen me and off we went,” he said at the time.

Symons set up a bank account under the name Fight Michelle, which was used exclusively for donations, with money. There were also items donated for auctions, stickers made up, and more, all going towards the fundraiser.

“So all things take time, and l had plenty so was happy to wait until Michelle was ready and able to meet up. She’s been heroic from where she’s been til where she is right now,” said Symons in a Facebook post shared yesterday.

“This morning we met up at the bank and transferred all of YOUR money over into her name. Thanks again from the boys for all your kindness, what a great country we live in.

“It’s meant a lot to me to be involved and always will, life changing experience to be honest, which seems very self absorbed considering the life changes Michelle has gone through in the same time, but it’s because of her and how she’s gone about the nine months and everyone in generals’ kindness that has me feel that way.”

Pillar also expressed her gratitude towards Symons and everyone who has gotten behind her. “You’re an absolute legend Dion, and of course Matt and Jason. It makes me feel emotional to think of everyone that came together to help me out. I can’t thank you all enough for believing in me and wishing me well. I am very excited to see who actually donated bits and pieces so I can personally thank them and hopefully catch up with some as well,” she wrote.


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