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PACCAR Parts launches third Trailer Parts Catalogue

There are many tools in a mechanic’s workshop that users might declare indispensable, but when it comes to truck workshops across Australia and New Zealand, PACCAR Parts says one of the most vital and well-utilised tools is made not of metal but of paper, and resides on a desk instead of a toolbox.

The PACCAR Parts Trailer Parts Catalogue series began in August 2021 with the 500-page volume one edition covering axles, slack adjusters and brakes, followed by volume two in November 2022 which covered brakes and wheel end components.

Now, with volume three arriving in dealerships this month, PACCAR Parts Product Marketing Manager, Niels Holm, says technicians, workshop managers and service managers can all look forward to the third instalment of the comprehensive trailer parts catalogues, available at their fingertips.

“Trailer Parts Catalogue volume three complements our two earlier volumes to create an even more comprehensive resource for customers who are repairing and maintaining their trailers,” he says. “Each catalogue comprises details of key components in specific areas and volume three is all about suspension products – things like airbags, springs and shock absorbers. We’ve also included a lot of value-adds in each of the catalogues, like truck and trailer configuration guides.”

The 386-page volume has taken 18 months to compile using PACCAR’s in-house experts, technical writers and input from suppliers. It includes in-depth details on every imaginable trailer part from a wide range of quality brands including Cummins Meritor, TRP, Hendrickson, SAF-Holland, York, Fuwa K Hitch and BPW Transpec.

“Volume three is focused predominantly on trailers because there’s roughly three times as many trailers as there are trucks on the road,” Niels says. “So, by bringing all the suppliers into one catalogue it allows customers to look for their part irrespective of which brand of component they have. That’s key because otherwise the customer would have to go to the individual manufacturers’ catalogues to find that part. This brings it all into one convenient location.

“The catalogue also includes a comprehensive listing of dealerships where the parts are available and, if you know your part number you can search by that. An index at the rear of the book will direct you straight to the page where that part is located, including dimensions and technical details.”

While PACCAR’s parts and equipment inventory are fully digitised and searchable online these days, PACCAR Parts Senior Product Manager, Daryl Tonkin, believes having a physical copy that can be readily accessed in busy workshops is key to the print edition’s enduring appeal.

“A lot of our customers are old-school and they like to have a hard copy of the book to go through,” he says. “With the generational gaps between customers, some like to get behind a screen but others like to have the book handy by their side in the workshop, so they can just grab it and have a look to see what setup they require for a particular suspension.

Image: PACCAR Parts.

“Being a hard-copy, it’s got pages for notes and for data entry. It shows actual diagrams and breaks parts down into their various sections, from major components right down to pins, bolts and washers. It gives a full visual dissection of each suspension component, what the part looks like as well as allocated part numbers.”   

Niels agrees that the market still has an appetite for the hard copy catalogue, while acknowledging the importance of the digital version.

“Customers can get hold of the catalogue via their PACCAR Parts dealer or by scanning a QR code to download a digital version,” he says. “They can also find a copy online on the PACCAR Parts website.”

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