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Popular executive departs VGA

Well known and respected marketing specialist Tracy Griffin has announced she is leaving Volvo Group Australia to take up a role outside of the OEM truck industry.

“After ten years at Volvo Group Australia across Mack Trucks Australia, UD Trucks Australia and most recently the Brand Manager for Volvo Trucks Australia I am moving on to a new industry to broaden my experience,” she said.

Prior to joining the Volvo Group Tracy had had little to do with trucking.

Yet the more she learned about the industry, the more it struck her it was not just about truck brands and very much orientated around personal relationships.

“I have been so lucky to conceive and deliver some amazing experiences over the years initially for Mack, then UD Trucks and now Volvo Trucks,” she said.

“Many organisations talk about core values but when I was interviewing for a position with Volvo Trucks it was very clear to me there was integrity behind those claims.”

Among her highlights, Griffin said the the roll-out of the Brand Revitalization for Mack remains a fond memory, when not only the logo changed but there was a new focus for the brand’s marketing with its ‘Gold Dog’ proprietary driveline.

During her tenure at UD Trucks Griffin was involved in what was essentially an entire new product range with the UD Quon, followed by the UD Croner.

Griffin was also part of the team which launched locally the new Euro VI Heavy Duty Range.

The 2020 global launch of the new range in Sweden was an early casualty of the pandemic and the local introduction of the range has required some inspired thinking by her colleagues.

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