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Prioritising Safety, Efficiency and Accountability

In the fast-paced world of fleet management, prioritising safety, efficiency, and accountability is a crucial concern, writes Andrew Rossington, Chief Product Officer at Teletrac Navman.

Valuable insights empower better decision making leading to enhanced driver safety and optimised operations.

Teletrac Navman’s IQ Camera makes it easier for fleets to promote safety and protect drivers on the road. An AI-powered, dual-camera dash cam, it seamlessly integrates with TN360 fleet management software offering the flexibility to use a range of cameras across your fleet and providing a unified view of video and telematics data.

One of the standout features of the IQ Camera is its real-time fleet management capabilities. It brings coaching right into the cab by offering driver assistance and status monitoring. Equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) features, such as forward collision detection, stop sign, tailgating, speeding, and following distance, enabling drivers to respond promptly, reducing the risk of incidents and increasing safety via real-time driver alerts for their behaviours.

By incorporating video into training, coaching efforts can be streamlined by monitoring driver performance for dangerous actions as well as for generating video-supported performance scorecards to create an engaging rewards program that fosters safety. The dual-camera system not only captures high-quality footage before, during, and after events but also automatically uploads this video data to the TN360 connected platform for immediate viewing. Fleet managers can identify high-risk actions and provide transparent feedback to drivers, reinforcing this culture of safety within the organisation.

In September 2022, more than 1800 global fleet professionals were surveyed by Teletrac Navman. The survey found that telematics users benefit from improved driver performance, with 95 per cent of users reporting fewer collisions due to their telematics solutions. Camera solutions monitor the environment for the driver, providing increased visibility of their surroundings at all times.

Telematics can also enhance your ability to manage incidents effectively if something does go wrong. Managers and back-office staff can communicate with drivers in real-time and pinpoint their exact location, facilitating quick responses and potentially reducing the impact of collisions. With fully connected smart cameras, such as the IQ Camera, real-time visibility can simplify risk management.

Fleet operations are complex, involving different vehicles performing various tasks in diverse locations. A unified platform that allows for a range of cameras across the fleet provides greater transparency and understanding into driver behaviour, keeping safety a priority while continually coaching drivers to make the most informed decisions.

Teletrac Navman’s IQ Camera and video telematics solutions provide fleet owners with the capability to enhance safety, efficiency, and accountability. Integrating video and telematics data with real-time monitoring, coaching, and incident management empowers data-driven decisions and creates a safer environment for drivers and the community alike.


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