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Problem solved with BPW Transpec

Scorching temperatures on Australia’s roads can play havoc with a truck’s tyres, especially considering bitumen can often soar above 50°C.

It was a common concern for Andrew Mytkowski, Director of SMB Australia Car Transport, whose trailers are regularly crossing the country, but a have relatively small tyres.

“Small tyres run a lot quicker and road temperatures don’t help either,” Andrew says. “The problem was, we weren’t getting enough mileage from the tyres because, as temperature goes up, the pressure goes up.”

He explains that tyres leaving Adelaide could be at 100 PSI, but travelling north and getting warmer, could hit 120 PSI. When temperatures drop again the tyres might be at 80 PSI.

“It was tricky for us,” he says. “We had to carry a lot of tyres with us because most places wouldn’t have that size.”

The answer to his problem was found during a catchup with a BPW Transpec sales representative who suggested BPW AirSave axles.

BPW Transpec has been providing parts and equipment – including axles and suspension systems – to the transport, mining and agricultural industries for more than 65 years.

Its AirSave product aims to improve the life of tyres by protecting them against uneven and premature tyre wear as well as tyre blowouts, which ultimately saves fuel and time.

The system allows drivers to track and control their tyre pressure while driving. It is continuously monitored and automatically adjusted to the desired level via a control box with a booster.

Should the pressure deviate considerably from the norm, for example in the event of tyre damage, a warning light informs the driver, allowing them to promptly stop somewhere other than the side of a highway. This, BPW Transpec says, significantly reduces the risk of accidents, prevents downtime, saves fuel by maintaining optimal pressure at all time, and reduces CO2 emissions.

For Andrew, the product has made a big difference to SMB Australia Car Transport, a third-generation family business with locations around the country.

Andrew likes the fact that now having the Air Save system he is guaranteed 100 PSI regardless of the temperature. He’s also noticing the cost savings. Previously, with his smallest tyres, they were lasting approximately 60,000 km.

“With this new system, which I’ve only had a year now, I’m getting 300,000 km,” he says. “The cost of the system is the same as a new set of tyres, so it has paid itself off.”

SMB will be going full steam ahead in the future with Andrew confirming he has new trailers arriving later this year and plans to install Air Save in all of them.

SMB began operations in 1965, starting with the transportation of cars from Sydney to Melbourne using a single truck. Over time, it has grown into one of Australia’s most prominent independent car carriers, facilitating vehicle transportation across the country. The company prides itself on competitive prices along with dependable service and support.

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