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Projecta Adds Heavy Duty to Jump Starter Range

Earlier this year Projecta broadened its market-leading INTELLI-START Jump Starter range with the launch of its IS1400 and IS2000 models – now the line-up is complete with the addition of two powerful new variants, the IS3000 and IS5000.

Projecta has added the heavy duty IS3000 & IS5000 to the Innovative INTELLI-START Jump Starter Range. The, power-packed, IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters are ideal for use on large industrial and commercial equipment including heavy-duty trucks, tractors, and agricultural equipment. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy or efficient means of jump starting heavy equipment, with users often resulting to moving large batteries around on unwieldy trolleys to jump start the machines.

With their easy portability, light weight (10.6kg and 13.5kg respectively) and patented Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), the IS3000 and IS5000 industrial jump starters alleviate these pain points adding convenience and efficiency for users. The IS Jump Starter range also reduces the risk of being caught out without charge when going to jump start a vehicle, as recharging the trolley rigs can often be forgotten.

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Rapid Recharge Technology

By leaving the INTELLI-START Jump Starters connected to a vehicle’s battery once started, RRT can fully replenish the energy that was discharged during the starting process in just 40 seconds. This feature means that the INTELLI-START Jump Starters will then be ready to use in the next emergency without needing regular recharging – its clever technology that is unique to the Projecta INTELLI-START Jump Starter range.

The IS3000 is suitable for both 12V and 24V electrical systems and provides 1000A clamp power for 12V systems and 850A for 24V electrical set-ups, along with 3000 peak amps – it’s enough to start petrol and diesel engines up to 12L displacement in 12V machines and all 24V engines.

The larger IS5000 has even greater clamp power, an impressive 1500A in 12V electrical systems and 1000A for 24V systems – in both cases peak amps are 5000. This output is sufficient to breathe life into petrol and diesel engines up to 16L capacity in equipment with 12V systems, and unlimited capacity in the case of vehicles with 24V electrics. The two jump starters also offer ‘no battery’ operation and can jump start vehicles without a starter battery.

Image: Projecta/Supplied

Both the IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters feature a strong exterior casing that uses a steel chassis and rubber over-moulded construction with integrated handle and concealed cable storage. Also ensuring reliability and safety are ‘no solder’, high current connections and solid 3mm clamp teeth, while an advanced all-in-one protection system prevents surges, short circuits and overheating in these units.

For greater convenience, both models also boast auto sensing clamp connection, while operating this equipment is also simple via the intuitive LCD display with real time updates. A further benefit of the new models is their ability to jump start vehicles and machines that use a variety of battery types including Lithium, Wet, AGM, Gel and Calcium.


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