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Qube begins world’s first outback electric truck trial

Leading logistics and bulk carrier, Qube, has embarked on a trial of battery-powered trucks for heavy haulage in Western Australia.

Qube in partnership with OZ Minerals is working on what it calls a world first in which battery electric heavy vehicles are tested across long distances in the rugged terrain of the Australian outback.

Known as the Vision Electric project, it focuses on tackling the challenge of emissions footprint reduction in the heavy transport and resources industries.

This self-funded trial is at an early stage and will be phased over 12 months, beginning in the latter part of 2022.

“Qube is constantly evolving and that building a strategy that ensures a resilient and robust approach to sustainability is key for Qube’s long-term success,” said Todd Emmert, Qube Bulk Director.

“Vision Electric is a collaboration of technology and service for a challenging environment with currently limited alternate fuel solutions,” he said.

“The vision is to elevate current technology to meet the demand of a dynamic remote export supply chain and advance our respective pathways to decarbonisation. Vision Electric is an exciting element to the next chapter of our pathway with OZ Minerals.”

As part of this trial, a battery recharging and replacement station will be set up in South Australia at Port Augusta, approximately 300 km from Adelaide.

Construction of this station is estimated to start in May 2022 and be completed by early August 2022.

Once ready, the station will be used as a battery change over pit stop for the battery-electric truck.

It is expected that the battery change over can be completed in the same time it takes for traditional refuelling.

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