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QuickSilver the perfect fit for FIRMUS Group

While its vacuum truck range and extensive workshop capabilities keeps everyone busy at FIRMUS GROUP, when E-Plas presented the company with the QuickSilver tipper liner, it decided to immediately include it in its product and service offering to the waste and transport industries.

E-Plas is a national supplier of high-performance and engineering plastics. It offers a wide range of sheet, rod, tape, specialised linings and also provides custom CNC manufacturing. E-Plas is also the national distributor of QuickSilver Truck Lining Systems, which uses material manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials.

QuickSilver is a Proprietary Modified Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) which is known for being strong and versatile. In this case it has been specially modified as a non-stick truck and trailer liner, and for FIRMUS Group Sales Representative, Jon Vines, the product is nothing short of ‘magical’.

“This product is so tough and durable,” he says. “If I had a trailer, I would definitely use this stuff. It’s just such a great long-term investment.”

FIRMUS Group is one of a number of installers around the country providing QuickSilver installation for newly manufactured trailers or even old trailers looking for an upgrade. 

“We jumped at the opportunity because we could see the potential of the product aligned to our customer base,” Jon says. “The relationship and the communication between FIRMUS and E-Plas has been brilliant.”

Source: FIRMUS Group.

QuickSilver, Jon explains, comes in a roll that is 31 metres long and three metres wide with a thickness of 12.7mm. The tipper is measured out and the liner is cut and installed, which usually takes less than a day. The nature of the material means that not only is it durable, but it is so slick that loads including grain, stones, gravel and sand simply slide away. 

“There’s no hold whatsoever,” Jon says – adding that the driver doesn’t even need to sweep out any remnants, which saves time and is safer. It’s just superb stuff.”

FIRMUS Group has made a national name for itself engineering practical, efficient and user-friendly vacuum truck equipment, which simply put, makes digging holes a lot easier. 

“In the old days an excavator would be used to dig the hole and expose the services to be worked on,” Jon says. “More likely than not, however, they would hit the underground pipes or electrical work which makes the job a lot more costly with delays and interruptions.”

This is where the hydro excavation equipment comes in. Using high-pressure water, it digs the hole and the vacuum on the truck removes the dirt and mud slurry.

“It’s great technology and makes the job a lot easier, safer and quicker,” Jon says. 

With facilities based in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, FIRMUS Group builds and repairs all models of vacuum equipment including a range of hydro excavation, drain cleaning and industrial vacuum units. 

Manufactured in Adelaide, each Blade unit can be customised to its customers’ specification and requirements. FIRMUS Group also supplies the Australian market with UK-built Whale vacuum truck products, such as the Combi Whale units (with NDD), Industrial Vac Whale, Hydro excavation and Liquid Whale 3 units. 

Understanding that many of its customers have varying plant and machinery in their fleet, FIRMUS Group also offers installation, service and repairs for material handling equipment including vehicle loading cranes, truck-mounted forklifts and hook lifts.

Fast fact

QuickSilver weighs less than steel and aluminium and outwears both. Its abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance protect the integrity of the original equipment, extending the life of a truck body. It can be fitted in less than one day and requires no ongoing maintenance. 

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