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Refreshing the Fleet

With demand continuing to rise for the MAN TG3 models, it’s called for even more refreshing the fleet, for Penske Leasing.

Fortunately for Adrian Beach and his Penske Leasing team, the used truck market is nearly stronger than its ever been. They work in conjunction with Penske Australia New Zealand to send models that have reached the end of their five-year leasing lifespans to used truck dealers, continually refreshing the fleet.

It has paved the way for newer models to keep the Penske Leasing fleet fresh.

“I’ve got 100 TG3s on order. We’ve got some of them that are right here in the back in Wacol, waiting to go through the process,” Adrian says.

“We’ll deliver to the dealership where they can do the final bits and pieces and retail them to us. And then we’ve got some that are already ordered that are on a boat in transit, and then we’ll have production slots.

“We don’t want to get them all at once. We kind of create this pipeline of new trucks coming in from Germany. We’re having so much success with the lease product line lately, and some of that has to do with this pipeline of inventory we have.

“We can quote a customer, and we can say, ‘I actually have three of them in Wacol that match your spec’. So we can get those pulling trailers in service in just a couple of months.”

Image: Penske Australia/Supplied

Adrian says that the TG3 models have seen so much success due to their versatility, able to service a range of different jobs for customers with various needs across the transport sector. But for those in need of something heavier-duty, Penske Leasing is addressing that too.

“We do have some Western Star 48Xs coming,” Adrian says.

“We placed our order for them before the launch because we just needed to get in line and get our slots. We’ve got a group coming in that are landing in July.

“They’re 48X models, with the 40 inch sleeper, the DD60, and then D12 automatic transmission. We’re looking forward to those. Those will be available in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. That’s where we kind of see the demand for big customers, road trains, a little higher weights, longer distances.

“Our Australian customers, a lot of them service Darwin. So they’re going all the way up, middle and back. They’ll really love the bonneted truck, and the bigger cab and even more room for the driver.”


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