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Return of NSW mobile speed camera signs a win for common sense, says peak body

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) says common sense has prevailed in New South Wales with the state government deciding to restore prominent warning signs in the approaches to mobile speed cameras from January 1 next year.

CEO Warren Clark said NatRoad had consistently called for the signs to return in the two years since they were removed. Last night’s news that State Cabinet had reversed its previous decision vindicated that position.

“As we said back then, speed limit signage plays an important educational role,” Clark said.

“It reminds a driver to check their speed and slow down and reduces confusion.

“We took this stance when we faced a parliamentary inquiry.

“Driver education is fundamental to road safety, particularly the education of light vehicle drivers around heavy vehicles.

“NatRoad policy is that there should be a greater emphasis on warning signs that are suitably large and placed at decision points along freight routes.”

Roads Minister Natalie Ward said a parliamentary inquiry into speed camera warning signs had influenced the government’s announcement, and it had also heard the community’s concerns about removing the warnings.

Many had argued it was merely a way for the government to raise more revenue and not actually change behaviour.

“These additional warning signs will help educate drivers in real time, giving them advanced warning to slow down at these high-risk points of our road network,” said Ward.

Opposition leader Chris Minns said the inital removal of the warning signs was “revenue-raising on a giant scale” and the government was only backflipping to appease voters ahead of the state election on March 25, 2023.

“They’ve gone from collecting about $4 million a year in low-range [speeding] fines, to [more than] $45 million in just one financial year, straight out of the pockets of the families of New South Wales,” Minns said.


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