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Revolutionary footsteps

Jake Cauchi first joined his family at Cartage Australia 10 years ago, starting in the workshop with the guidance of his brother, Danial Cauchi, Workshop Manager, who taught him everything from stripping tyres to changing airbags, brakes and rotors.

Jake then learned the operational side of the business from Directors Wayne Vella and his father, Ray Cauchi, which helped him understand the bigger picture and move on to larger projects.

“Now I have the opportunity to spend more time on projects, such as designing our new trailer, and finding ways to continue to improve our safety and efficiency,” Jake says. “Caleb Vella, Eastern Regional Manager, and I have had opportunities to visit the Hanover truck show in Germany and bring home and implement ideas from other industry experts.”

Jake’s father showed him that the team was capable of really pushing the industry through his six-axle dog trailer project, and Jake is now following in his footsteps by implementing an A-double combination into the fleet. Smedley’s Engineers handled Cartage Australia’s first A-double combination, which was a gamechanger for the team. The combination will provide a larger carrying capacity, leading to fewer vehicles on the road.

“Smedley’s have been a great assistance from day one, in having conversations and combing through all the different combinations possible to identify what the safest combination will be and how VicRoads and NHVR can assist in having a larger road network,” Jake says. “They answered phone calls and meeting no matter the time, and they helped assist in collaborating with Ian Mond at VicRoads in guiding how the A-double combination will work and how the network will work with us for access.”

With a commitment to safety and going above and beyond, Cartage Australia is currently running telematics systems in its fleet and implementing on-board mass scales for the new A-doubles.

“We are always looking at the latest technology or best tools we can introduce to keep everyone on the roads as safe as possible and to have our drivers in the most comfortable and safest vehicle,” he says. “We always aim to not just meet Performance-Based Standards (PBS) requirements but go above and beyond. We believe that with safer vehicles on the road, we can push the industry into carrying greater capacities. In the end, this means fewer trucks on the roads and less congestion, a win-win for everyone.”

Jake and Jed Vella, Logistics Manager, have also implemented artificial intelligence cameras that identify distractions, dangerous driving and mobile phone use. These will immediately alert the managers and logistics team of any unsafe behaviour by drivers so that Cartage Australia can educate drivers and re-educate in any areas needed.

“These will be really beneficial for us in addressing any distractions or unsafe driving before an incident occurs, rather than finding out after it is too late,” he says.

While the industry has faced uncertain times from Covid-19 over the years, the desire for more safety and innovation has remained a critical aspect to Jake and Cartage Australia. Cartage Australia’s Directors Wayne Vella and Ray Cauchi have always been focused on showing the

Management team made up of their sons, that being innovative and leading safety is the best way for the company to grow.

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