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Road safety is a two-way street

Our message during National Road Safety Week is that it’s a two-way street.

Pointing fingers at other road users, such as cyclists, car drivers or caravanners solves nothing.

Instead as an industry representing professional truck drivers, we need to be the bigger person and reach out to work constructively with each group on how we can work together to make the road safer.

That extends to the rail industry. Yes, we have concerns over side lighting of freight trains BUT we also have issues with the behaviour of some of our drivers.

Yes, we have issues with truck driver training and licensing that must be addressed immediately, but labelling an entire minority group as bad drivers and abusing them is wrong.

We need to reach out and constructively yet firmly deal with the issues of concern.

The point is that road safety is a two-way street, requiring improvement by both our industry and other road users.

If our industry represents the professional drivers on the road, so theoretically the best drivers on the road then shouldn’t we lead?

As our truck drivers should have a wealth of experience and good ideas to share on making the roads safer for all.

Western Roads Federation (WRF) is already reaching out to other road groups and pushing for the driver licensing and training changes on your behalf, but we need your help we can only do so much.

Remember every month 100 Australians die on our roads and it is increasing every year.

WRF continues to advocate for improved road quality and investment, better and more rest areas, supporting Dr Sarah Jones on the suicide by truck issue and improved first on scene training and mental health support.

Cam Dumesny is the CEO of the Western Roads Federation.

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