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Ron Finemore Transport unleashes new 30m B-doubles

Regional road transport powerhouse, Ron Finemore Transport has introduced five new 30m B-double high cube combinations.

The high productivity combinations that each carry 100-pallets were added to Primary Connect’s network in June.

Primary Connect and Ron Finemore Transport have worked closely with trailer supplier engineers and relevant local government bodies to bring the next generation vehicles to life.

The B-double high cube trailer combination is currently being used in the Primary Connect network to transport ambient freight between Sydney – Wodonga and Brisbane – Wodonga, lifting each lane capacity by an extra 10 per cent.

As well as reduced emissions and other environmental benefits, each of these new vehicle combinations will reduce truck movements on these transit routes by up to 80 less B-doubles a year.

This partnership benefits the future growth for both businesses with safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability at top of mind according to Mark Parry, Ron Finemore Transport Managing Director.

“Ron Finemore Transport continues to make investments in higher productivity equipment as we seek to deliver to our customers safely, reliably and more cost effectively,” he said.

“These investments are part of a continuous journey to safely increase productivity which benefits the community and helps reduce emissions per pallet carried.”

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