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Rum City Foods banks on Scully RSV’s fleet solutions for success

Scully RSV, renowned for its broad solutions and ability to partner with customers throughout their journeys, has built its success on the foundation of dominant manufacturing capabilities and reliable vehicles for hire.

It has been in business for over 30 years with these same values, and because of that, has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in servicing Australia’s transport sector.

It is Australian road transport which Scully RSV CEO, Andrew McKenzie, says is one of the most arduous tasks anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is essential for Scully RSV to get it right.

“With the unique operating conditions of our environment, the distances travelled and the loads we carry, there’s no other market in the world like it,” he says. “That’s why it’s so important to maintain Australian design on our refrigerated transport, and that’s what Scully RSV has done. We don’t take European or American designs, but what we do is look to their learnings.

“The tyranny of distance in Australia is that we can’t afford for our assets to break down. In Europe or America, you aren’t more than 100 kilometres from a major capital city and yet here in Australia we have one of the most geographically isolated capitals in Perth.”

Scully RSV understands the various nuances and tasks that exist in the refrigerated road transport space, and from milk to meat hangers, custom doors and more, it has designed and built it all.

“What sets us apart is our ability to create incredibly bespoke solutions to our customers unique operating and contract requirements,” Andrew says. “Our manufacturing process is 100-per cent customisable, allowing us to create the perfect solution.”

Ranging from utes to 14-pallet trailers, Scully RSV builds its customised solutions using panel materials from a local supplier in New South Wales. From there, it assembles and builds each and every unit in-house in Brisbane. Being a local manufacturer, Andrew says, is something the business is very proud of.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to design and build truly world class solutions here in Australia,” he says. “We don’t look to import – we source local product. Because we do this, we work with our suppliers to manufacture only the most premium products available in Australia for our vehicles.”

Working with these local suppliers also means that Scully RSV is able to support and reinforce its purpose of connecting communities. By supporting local businesses, they then employ their local communities to produce the products that make it into Scully RSV’s trucks.

“It’s this powerhouse combination of overseas learnings, applying it with our domestic suppliers, and creating a superior product that’s made by local communities, which reinforces why we design and manufacture in Australia for Australian conditions,” Andrew says.

Based in Queensland, Rum City Foods is a family-owned and operated business which has completely leveraged its service offerings with Scully RSV’s fleet solutions. The fleet now has over 40 rigids on the road as well as a range of vehicles purchased through Scully RSV.

Following its most recent venture which saw the company branch out into fruit and vegetables, Rum City Foods turned to Scully RSV for a range of A and B trailers. Rum City Foods General Manager, Scott McIntyre, says these units have transformed his operations.

“With the savings that they’ve implemented into my business, they’re brilliant,” he says. “Instead of running two or three trucks to one region we’re just running one semi-trailer. So, they’re cost-saving, efficient and reliable.”

The trailers will travel to Brisbane three days a week to pick up fresh produce at the Brisbane Markets. They will first load out of Bundaberg with fruit and vegetables to take to Brisbane, and then will bring loads back to Rum City Foods’ Rockhampton facility to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Rum City Foods has been dealing with Scully RSV for several decades since its inception in 1978, and over that time, has benefitted significantly from its service and reliability.

“Their product is reliable, and they listen to our requirements,” Scott says. “If we have issues with their technology in the harsher environment of north Queensland, they listen to us, they rectify and they restrengthen in certain areas. They satisfy all of our needs, and they’re there to assist our growth.”

In the event of a breakdown or a new contract, Scott says Scully RSV allows businesses to keep trading – delivering on its promise to be a full service provider.

“Because our business is growing so fast, if we pick up a new contract and we physically don’t have enough vehicles in our own fleet, they’re only one phone call away,” he says. “Every build is different, depending on the contract that you’re servicing, so then we design it with a purpose-built body to fulfil that contract. Then when they manufacture it, we return the hire truck and pick up our new trucks.”

Scott McIntyre and Kodi Beeston. Image: Scully RSV.

To Rum City Foods, Scully RSV is an insurance policy every day. Scott says he is able to continue to service his customers in full and on time, because if there is ever a breakdown or a need for more vehicles, he has Scully RSV up his sleeve.

“I can call on them, and they answer, they produce, and they provide,” he says. “Scully RSV is very diversified and they can offer all options for Rum City Foods, with state-of-the-art technology. Because of their customer service and ability to assist us in growing, we wouldn’t be here in the same position as we are today without Scully RSV.”

Fast fact

Scully RSV founder, Damien Scully, originally approached Rum City Foods Managing Director, Kelvin McIntyre, in hopes of getting his support after completing his apprenticeship. Rum City Foods backed Damien and Scully RSV, and it hasn’t looked back since.

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