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SAF-Holland issues recall notice for trailer coupling

SAF-Holland has issued a recall notice for 1211 units of the V.Orlandi Spa EH500B0 trailer coupling from the year 2018.According to the notice, the failure seems to be caused by side loading of the coupling, which is at its greatest during slow speed manoeuvring while towing a triaxle dolly with a wide axle spread (greater than 2.8m).

This could cause the towed vehicle to detach from the towing vehicle during slow speed manoeuvring. This may result in an unexpected movement on the road when the vehicles are in motion.

Owners of affected trailers can contact their authorised SAF-Holland dealer as soon as possible to have the tow shaft and horizontal shaft replaced, free of charge.

Owners/operators are asked to complete the Vehicle Owner Information Form EH500B0 Recall – Operator Information Form L.pdf – OneDrive ( with the requested data for each vehicle fitted with an EH500B0 coupling and email to

SAF-Holland will then contact the owner/operator to advise of further action, which may include supplying the replacement components and assisting in arranging the rework of the coupling.

Who should owners/operators contact for more information?

SAF Holland Australia, Ph 1300 131 613
Contact website:


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