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Scully RSV keeps Australia connected with partnerships

From cosmetics and flowers to pharmaceuticals, food and even art, a lot goes into creating the perfect refrigerated vehicle for special cargo. At Scully RSV there are a number of partnerships required to get it exactly right.

Scully RSV has been in operation for more than 30 years and is one of Australia’s leading providers of refrigerated transport solutions with utes, trucks and trailers all available on short- or long-term rental. It also offers new and used truck sales, available for up to 16 pallet capacity.

Its team of skilled craftsmen manufacture the vehicles with the industry’s leading brands that supply Scully RSV with quality chassis, fridge, tailgate, panel and technology components. For Scully RSV, working with these brands to bring the best in technology, safety and innovation to the market is paramount. This includes names like Toyota, Isuzu, Hino, ThermoKing, Carrier and Anteo.

At Hino, Sales Manager for Queensland’s Sci-Fleet, Will Gaulton, has been working with Scully RSV for more than ten years. His job is to secure the chassis of choice for Scully RSV, which goes to its yard at Acherfield where a skilled team builds the pallet body on the back.

“From there it heads to the preferred fridge supplier and then back to us for registration and delivery,” Will says, adding that, on average, Scully RSV buys between 100 and 120 trucks a year from Sci-Fleet ranging from a small two-pallet to a 14-pallet truck.

A family business, Sci-Fleet has been servicing southeast Queensland for more than 40 years and is just one of many suppliers who have helped Scully RSV grow to become nationwide. In fact, Scully RSV have recently expanded operations in Western Australia, along the east coast and have service capabilities in South Australia and Tasmania.

Sci-Fleet Sales Manager, Will Gaulton.

Will says one of the advantages Scully RSV has is it can offer a solution to its customers regardless of the state of the economy.

“The customer has the opportunity to buy the asset or, if finance is hard to get or times are tougher, they can secure short term or long-term hire,” he says. “They can even hire for ownership if they want. Whatever the customer requires, Scully RSV has the capabilities and scale to fulfil.”

For Scully RSV CEO, Andrew McKenzie, working with a company like Sci-Fleet means Scully RSV is guaranteed to get the most recent technology and advancements in an ever-changing market environment – something it insists on getting right. This even includes the latest Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric model, revealed at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

“Refrigerated vehicles are the most complicated and technically advanced vehicles in a fleet.” Andrew says. “Building something specifically for what our customers need is crucial, so we are always pushing the envelope to stay ahead of the innovation curve and working with partners who are pushing that envelope.”

Hino Australia Vice President Brand and Franchise, Richard Emery, says the Hino 300 Hybrid Series Electric model meets Euro 6 exhaust emissions standards and is the only Japanese light duty truck in Australia to do so.

“Euro 6 is achieved by using the proven EGR and DPR systems, in combination with the Hino SCR system,” he says. “This SCR system may be new to the 300 Series, but this exhaust emissions solution is already found in our Hino 500 Series models, in which it has proven to be reliable and effective at reducing engine exhaust emissions.” 

The Hino 500 Series model is already in the Scully RSV fleet and a detailed announcement on when customers can try the Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric model is expected soon.

Hiring a vehicle from Scully RSV is a good way to try the technology, the company says, offering a low cost and low risk opportunity to decide if long term hire or new truck sales is better suited to their operation.

“A lot of our customers are coming in and trying our vehicles on short term hire to test out the new technology solutions we have rolled out,” Andrew says. “This includes ScullyLive, SafetyCulture Pre Starts and now Hino Connect. At Scully RSV we are always having ongoing and open discussions with our suppliers to understand their technology and innovation and with our customers, to understand their needs.

“By bringing the two together it truly is the only way to keep ahead of the curve and develop the best solutions for your customers.”

One of Scully RSV’s latest technology advancements has been the use of the Hino Connect application, a digital platform by commercial vehicle manufacturer, Hino Motors. Among its benefits are:

Real-time data tracking of fuel consumption, maintenance and diagnostics;
Braking and vehicle performance analysis;
Monitoring of driver performance and the most efficient routes; and
Roadside assistance and a five-year warranty.

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