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Scully RSV, the complete package

Scully RSV has been manufacturing rigid bodies and refrigerated vehicles for more than 30 years.

Working with industry leading OEMs and utilising customer feedback throughout this time, it has refined its processes over and over to make them best suited for Australian conditions and its unique operating conditions.

Because of this relentless dedication, Scully RSV has truly become a partner of choice for refrigerated and rigid fleet solutions, says Scully RSV CEO, Andrew McKenzie.

“Something that we really pride ourselves on is our ability to be able to work with, customise, develop and deliver a whole-of-life solution for customers,” he says. “We don’t just take a standard product and try to rent it to people, we do offer them the full package.

“Whatever their issues are, we don’t say no. There are always ways that we can help people and try to add value to their businesses. So, as an Australian designer and manufacturer, we’ve got unlimited capacity to be able to fully customise the product that we offer.”

To achieve this, Scully RSV takes advantage of its coast-to-coast network of branches, top-tier engineering resources and locally sourced materials such as Australian body panels, while collaborating with its customers and their customers through the production process.

“It’s really a 360-degree tripartite arrangement where we look at the problem we’re trying to solve, the new technologies we can use and what solutions are out there that we might be able to help them with,” Andrew says. “Be it efficiency or safety, there’s lots of different elements to look at and to consider.”

Scully RSV’s refrigerated bodies and vehicles are heavily featured across several industries such as the logistics, dairy, meat and food sectors, and can be manufactured either to custom or standard fleet specifications.

According to Andrew this means the options are endless for Scully RSV manufacturing, no matter the application.

“We just built some trucks that had more side doors than they had walls,” Andrew says. “They also had steps which could all fold out, allowing the customer to have 270-degree access to the vehicle.

“We’ve got a bunch of really heavy-duty meat hangers going through the factory at the moment for hung meat off the roof as well. They’ve got steps that integrate into the floor of the truck, and there’s also stairs up into the body of the truck which seal off and create a thermal barrier.

“There are lots of cool things we do that sit alongside our standard product range which we put into our fleet, and ones that customers still buy as well.”

The key to getting to this point, Andrew says, has been through constant innovation and adaptation.

“We’ve tried, we’ve failed and we’ve improved every day over the past 30 years,” he says. “There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t look back at history and say, ‘We tried that once, we did that once, that did work but if we did it again this is how we’d change it and this is how we’d do it.’

“With the meat hangers that we’re doing today, we’ve taken what we have done historically and we’ve developed and evolved the product, taking into account the feedback from our customers that have bought meat hangers from us previously.”

Image: Scully RSV.

With every truck, body and integration being different, Scully RSV’s ability to engineer and design bespoke solutions to suit any truck in any configuration is critical. Because of this, its business model also has great flexibility.

Scully RSV can work with any chassis, and as Andrew explains, customers often bring in their own chassis for Scully RSV to source their requirements and build to their specifications.

“We offer the best of both worlds,” he says. “Customers can come to us and buy a truck, trailer or fridge as an integrated solution. They can pick their truck or fridge brand and we will build that for them and hand it to them as a completed final product offering. For other customers that want to source their own product, we work in with them and their chosen OEM for an integrated solution in that aspect as well.”

In its latest project for one of its long-term customers, Scully RSV built a custom rigid body for a Hino Hybrid Electric truck. The process itself, which saw it collaborate with the OEM’s engineering team throughout the fabrication process, is just one example of the ways Scully RSV can cater directly to the end user’s requirements.

Due to these vast manufacturing abilities, Scully RSV, according to Andrew, has recently seen a surge in demand for custom manufacturing for a range of customer types.

It’s now building at “near record volumes” which are expected to grow further as Scully RSV pushes towards a total rigid body output of 60 units a month at its new 12,000-square-metre Rocklea, Queensland, facility.

“Our ability to be able to turn bespoke solutions around in six to eight weeks continues to be a big reason why we’re incredibly popular in the marketplace and why we continue to receive orders faster than we can ramp up and build them,” he says.

“We continue to locally look for the best available talent, and having local on-the-ground experience in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth means that we are able to tap into those local markets to understand the local requirements.

“Along with local service, what’s most important to us is our commitment to our customers and that we are supporting them through their business cycles with the right solution.”

Image: Scully RSV.

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