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Sea Swift deploys new CIMC units ahead of expansion

Sea Swift works to keep Northern Australia connected and is looking to expand further this year.

It operates in Northern Australia, servicing remote and regional communities in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory. The company provides freight and passenger services as well as maritime logistical support and operates container ships in addition to barges, tugs and landing craft.

With eight depots throughout the region, the shipping company – owned by the Queensland Government Insurance Fund – covers an extensive area and delivers general cargo, essential services and vital supplies to communities that rely on it.

Sea Swift is focused on investment in new shoreside and marine assets, growing its staff cohort and maintaining support of the local Northern Australian economy.

To support its endeavours, Sea Swift, over the past 18 months, has acquired trailing equipment from CIMC Vehicle Australia. The initial purchases included a 45’ flat deck and 45’ drop deck semi-trailer which were received in December 2023. These trailers were optioned with Dangerous Goods (DG) wiring, 3-way container twistlock beams, road train provision, two toolboxes and a water tank.

“Our new trailers from CIMC will travel around the Cairns machine precinct areas and will be used for relocating containers (TEUs) from our depots to the wharf for loading on to vessels,” says Sea Swift Communications Officer, Georgia Buratto.

In addition to renewing the trailer fleet for its Cairns operations, the company is also expanding from two to three trucks.

“The new trailers will increase productivity and increase the speed in which we load vessels with more containers travelling to the wharf,” Georgia says – also noting other important features such as quick container pins and onboard supply ratchet straps.

While CIMC Vehicle Australia has supplied quality trailers spec’d for Sea Swift’s freight tasks, the trailer builder has also gone above and beyond in its customer service mission.

“We work closely with Ashley Hayes, Sales Manager QLD at CIMC Vehicle Australia, and he has been responsive and provides a fantastic service,” Georgia says. “New Sea Swift staff came onboard, and Ashley was able to fill in the team about previous orders and the drawings and drafts of the product.”

CIMC Vehicle Australia has proven to be a responsive and reliable trailer supplier for Sea Swift.

“We are looking forward to using the trailers more as they are quite new to Sea Swift’s asset list. We are putting the trailers through our everyday operations and testing them with all features ordered.”

Image: CIMC Vehicle Australia.

The CIMC range of trailers provides operators with unparalleled versatility, catering to numerous applications including general freight, container transportation and road train operations. These trailers stand out for their meticulous design, enduring quality, robust resale value and cost-effective maintenance, displaying a comprehensive array of standard features. Additionally, CIMC offers a varied range of optional enhancements such as aluminium gates, aluminium or chrome wheels, extra lighting and additional toolboxes to enhance the standard offerings of its trailers.

For fleet customers seeking tailored solutions, CIMC extends customisable frame designs, optional features and a variety of colour choices across its entire trailer range.

CIMC’s expertise also lies in efficiently delivering large quantities of stock trailers covering its curtainsiders, skels and open deck trailers, ensuring prompt fulfillment of orders and mitigating long lead times. By streamlining the supply chain, CIMC enables customers to honour their transportation commitments promptly and reliably.

Fast fact

Sea Swift is reported to be Northern Australia’s largest shipping company. It has provided essential services and project freight in the region since 1987.

Fast fact

CIMC Vehicle Australia is a provider of road transportation vehicles and services offering a wide range of products including curtainsider trailers, open flat tops, drop decks with and without ramps, skeletal trailers, road train dollys and tankers. Its Australian subsidiary was established in 2005 and is based in Cranbourne West, Victoria.

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