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Second-generation truckie loving life on open road

Over the course of the past 14 months, I have been lucky enough to meet some great characters out there on the highway. 

Brad from Gericke Bulk Haulage is one such character and his music taste is one I am very familiar with.

Brad started off with his HR Licence back in 2011 as an entry to the drilling industry with truck mounted rigs and water trucks. 

Fast forward to 2021 and he upgraded his licence so he could start the position is currently in at Gericke.

On the road Brad drives a 2018 Mack Super-Liner with an MP10 pulling a Holmwood trailer. 

The interest in the transport industry started when he was a young fella as his father and two brothers ran interstate back in the day which he now carries the tradition on and loves the open road.

Now when it comes to his favourite roadhouse and meal it’s a sure-fire answer that the Ampol at Tailem Bend is his number one. 

The shower facilities are always spotless, and the staff are great especially after a long day/night on the road.

Rump steak, chips, gravy and a couple of eggs are his regular order and and he leaves the garden salad to the next driver he adds.

Given he’s had a good run of experience Brad says by listening to the people trying to help you be a better driver you work out who to listen to and who not to. 

Also, if you are struggling with reversing always either ask for a spotter to give you a hand or jump out and have a look and take your time instead of rushing and making costly mistakes.

I like to ask drivers what they get up to away from the trucks and what make them tick, for Brad, it’s reacquainting himself with his wife, cooking, fishing, drag cars and fast cars. 

I can vouch on the fast cars too as I’ve done a photo shoot of his phat Commodore ute.

Although he doesn’t have a desire to own a truck but when it comes to his favourite trucks to look at it’s the Kenworth W900s with a flat roof. 

They just look damn cool.


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