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Senate inquiry into road transport industry moves to Melbourne

Melbourne will host the latest hearings of the Senate’s Rural Regional Affairs Transport (RRAT) References Committee next week.

The inquiry into the road transport industry is set to take place across Monday and Tuesday under the terms of reference with regard to the importance of a viable, safe and efficient road transport industry.

One of the key items on the agenda is a focus on the importance of an enforceable minimum award rate and sustainable standards and conditions for all stakeholders in the road transport industry.

Led by Senator Glenn Sterle, Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety, the inquiry continues its evidentiary approach to improving and understanding the development and maintenance of road transport infrastructure to ensure a safe and efficient road transport industry in addition to the regulatory impact, including the appropriateness, relevance and adequacy of the legislative framework, on all stakeholders in the road transport industry.

Other motions for the inquiry are the training and career pathways to support, develop and sustain the road transport industry; the social and economic impact of road-related injury, trauma and death; efficient cost-recovery measures for industry stakeholders, including subcontractors; the impact of new technologies and advancements in freight distribution, vehicle design, road safety and alternative fuels; and the importance of establishing a formal consultative relationship between the road transport industry and all levels of government in Australia.

Transport associations, operators, industry representatives, the Victorian branch of the Transport Workers Union as well as individual truck drivers will be present over the two days to provide evidence for this inquiry.

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