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Shell launches carbon neutral lubricants range

Global lubricant leader Shell has launched a range of carbon neutral products it announced this week.

The initiative is the largest and most significant carbon neutral program in the lubricants industry today, aiming to offset the CO² or equivalent (C0²e) emissions of more than 200 million litres of high-quality lubricants.

Shell provides approximately five billion litres of finished lubricants annually to customers across the world.

The company’s expansive industry reach spans aviation to power generation, marine to mining and both consumer and commercial automotive.

As well as helping to avoid or reduce emissions through material choices and operational efficiencies, these products are now carbon neutral in accordance with Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based carbon credits.

“These lubricants help to keep the world moving by ensuring machinery can operate consistently and efficiently at the peak of its performance,” Shell said in a statement.

To help it meet a target of becoming a net-zero carbon emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner, Shell acknowledges its lubricants business has a large part to play in achieving the goal.

According to the company, there is an ongoing need to balance increased operational output with reduced environmental impact.

Shell recognises as demands evolve, expectations also change.

“Customers and consumers alike now expect brands to offer sustainable solutions that make it easier for them to make sustainable choices,” it said.

“We know our customers are increasingly in need of sustainable solutions. So, to meet this growing industry demand, Shell is exploring a range of initiatives that seek to avoid, reduce and offset emissions while helping consumers and customers to find solutions that benefit both their operational and sustainability goals.”

The extended range of carbon neutral lubricants is suitable for heavy duty diesel engine oil, premium passenger car motor oil and industrial portfolios.

“Our carbon neutral lubricants provide customers with more sustainable choices without compromising the high performance and engine protection that they expect from Shell,” the company said.

“By helping customers manage their sustainability needs, and by avoiding, reducing and offsetting our own emissions, we can help drive change for the better.”

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