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Sherrin Rentals extends business with milestone truck

Sherrin Rentals has added a distinct Isuzu FRR to its fleet of 140 commercial vehicles.

Fitted with a 13-metre elevated work platform (EWP), the brand-new medium-duty Isuzu FRR 110-260 MWB Auto is the latest addition into the business’s EWP hire fleet.

With a max power of 191 kW (260PS) @ 2,400 rpm and torque of 761 Nm @ 1,450 rpm, the FRR 110-260 Auto is a Sherrin favourite.

The new vehicle marks a milestone also for the OEM as the 250,000th Isuzu truck ever sold in Australia.

A handover of the record-breaking truck coincided with Sherrin Rentals’ 45th year of operation which took place at Sherrin Rentals flagship facility in Pinkenba.

A majority of the Sherrin rental fleet find a home in mining, earthmoving, excavation, and civil engineering applications all over the country.

Sherrin Rentals will gradually phase-out other truck brands in their hire offering.

In April 2020, Sherrin’s Pinkenba site opened its doors with state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing parts and EWPs and maintaining the fleet — a significant upgrade from the existing warehouse.

“The Isuzu platform is fitted in the warehouse with components and equipment manufactured by Sherrin engineers here on-site. The unit is then prepped, wrapped, and thoroughly checked for quality assurance,” said Managing Director, Grant Sherrin.

“But one of the key reasons we recently made the decision to go exclusively with Isuzu is because of the total package the brand can offer us,” Grant said.

“While the safety and power aspect of a vehicle is important, it’s the ease of maintenance, and particularly for Sherrin – how easily we can fit a body to the chassis – that is one of the most valuable features.”

Once an Isuzu cab chassis is delivered, it’s put through the rigorous Sherrin process to create a product that is tailored for the task required of it.

Like many industry professionals, Grant’s passion for all things mechanical and metal stretches back to childhood.

“I started working with my father during the school holidays, working in and around the yard and at the time he ran tree gangs for tree lopping,” said Sherrin.

“I’d help on the tree gangs by feeding the chipper. Once I graduated from school I started within the business as an apprentice mechanic,” he recalled.

Sherrin’s father Mike started manufacturing elevated work platforms back in the early 2000s, as demand increased in response to the difficulty of sourcing them from overseas manufacturers at the time.

And so Sherrin’s highly successful EWP hire fleet was born.

The new design of the warehouse is streamlined and helps with improving efficiencies in the manufacturing of specialised equipment for earthmoving and mining according to Sherrin.

“The upgraded facility is really something. We now have more overhead cranes to reduce manual labour and we’ve been able to put in our own spray booths,” he said.

“The wash bay is much bigger, so we can get through a higher volume of washing of the equipment,” said Sherrin.

Upgrades such as these have created better conditions for all staff and are already proving beneficial to the business.

“Our elevated work platforms go from strength to strength and are built on vehicles such as the new FRR 110-260. They’re top notch,” Sherrin said.

“All our Isuzu’s work so hard for us here at Sherrin Rentals as we put them through a lot so having that reliability of product backing us is a comfort”.

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