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SLR Trans adds new B-double to growing Schmitz Cargobull fleet

Brisbane-based refrigerated transport company, SLR Trans, specialises in moving a range of temperature-controlled freight including dry, ambient, chilled and frozen goods.

Not only that, it offers a comprehensive logistics solution designed to streamline the supply chain and reduce operational complexities by utilising its storage and cross dock facilities for these freight tasks.

As a proud Australian and family-owned and operated business, every aspect of the SLR Trans business is aligned with old-fashioned values of integrity, honesty and commitment to customer care and excellence.

This is where SLR Trans COO, Aumar Moosa, says the company distinguishes itself.

“What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to providing superior service throughout the SLR Trans journey from start to finish,” he says. “We provide tailored linehaul, short haul, metro and home delivery temperature-controlled transport solutions for temperature sensitive goods for businesses of all sizes.”

SLR Trans’ journey began back in 2013 as a small company averaging 200 deliveries a week. Its humble beginnings came about from the dream of founder and CEO, Jimmy Gupta, to one day own his own refrigerated transport company working as a driver alongside his wife, and now Director and Finance Manager of the company, Shubhi Aggarwal.

Jimmy’s passion for the refrigerated transport industry, combined with first-hand knowledge gained from years of practical experience within this space, is what helped him to identify a critical gap in the local service providers – a tailored refrigerated transport solution.

“He believed the ‘one size fits all’ principle prevented businesses from achieving cold chain efficiency and integrity, and this is what fuelled the inception of SLR Trans,” Aumar says.

SLR Trans’ growth has been steady, with milestones marking almost every year since its inception. By the end of 2020, for example, SLR Trans had expanded to the point where it was completing over 45,000 deliveries per week. Today, SLR Trans credits its progress to the sheer perseverance, hard work and dedication of every team member.

“We look forward to achieving and celebrating even more milestones as we continue our steady progress towards becoming the refrigerated transport provider of choice for businesses across Australia,” Aumar says.

It was in January of 2022 when SLR Trans crossed paths with Brown and Hurley Yatala. Jimmy and Aumar were invited to the dealership by Trevor Cox to view a new European Schmitz Cargobull 24-pallet freezer capable trailer, and since then, SLR Trans has never looked back. It has now accumulated over 20 Schmitz Cargobull trailers.

SLR Trans’ fleet of Schmitz Cargobull trailers travel from Melbourne to Brisbane through Sydney to move bulk goods at -22°C and ambient temperatures. In these operations, Aumar says Schmitz Cargobull’s loader bars in particular have come in handy by allowing operators to double stack pallets and eliminate manual handling.

“We use the typical loader bars to double stack pallets,” he says. “They are heavy for the drivers to lift, and there is quite a lot of manual handling involved. Without Schmitz Cargobull’s vertical double loader system, the drivers would have to load and unload around 32 decking loader beams which weigh around 10 kilograms each on a B-Double load from the back of the trailers and stow away underneath the trailer. Some of the bars become rusty overtime as well, so Schmitz Cargobull’s loader bars have really helped them.”

Because of the agility, performance, user-friendliness and pleasing aesthetics of the Schmitz Cargobull product, SLR Trans purchased another two B-double refrigerated units. The first has recently arrived and is already making its mark in SLR Trans’ interstate freight tasks.

“Due to Schmitz Cargobull’s robust technology, the refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard and the temperature is contained and maintained within the body, making fuel consumption extremely efficient,” Aumar says. “It’s good on fuel, and it’s good for double stacking pallets with the drop-down loader bar system.”

Image: Brown and Hurley.

Schmitz Cargobull’s Ferroplast panel, patented in 1978, remains to be the backbone of every refrigerated or ambient trailer body sold under the Schmitz Cargobull label.

Since the product was launched, the company has delivered hundreds of thousands of Ferroplast-based trailers worldwide, indicating just how popular the technology is within the wider transport community.

Thanks to the Ferroplast thermal technology in the refrigerated Schmitz Cargobull boxes, Aumar says his bodies don’t sweat in the extreme heats faced in Australia. The technology also prevents moisture from penetrating through the body’s vapour, resulting in less fuel consumption and better performance from the A500 Thermo King unit – SLR Trans’ preferred refrigerator on all of its Schmitz Cargobull trailers.

Apart from the drop-down loader bars, Schmitz Cargobull’s fuel tanks are another feature SLR Trans is extremely fond of. Aumar says they are accessible from both sides of the trailer, carry a good amount of fuel, and distribute the weight equally across the trailer.

Another great benefit SLR Trans gets from Schmitz Cargobull can be seen in its use of the trailer’s multifunctional floor.

“The smooth floor is brilliant to wash out the dust and debris from the wooden pallets,” Aumar says. “It comes with a smooth non-slip barley grain patterned floor which is silent when loading and unloading goods on dolly wheels. It puts less friction on the forklift wheels as well, unlike the air flow floors, but most importantly it is very hygienic and easy
to clean.”

Choosing Schmitz Cargobull for its refrigerated transportation needs, Aumar says, has proved its worth.

“Schmitz Cargobull is a big win, for sure,” he says. “It means there is one less worry for the allocator who juggles between air flow floors and flat floors depending on the load carried. We are always excited to receive a new Schmitz Cargobull trailer, and Trevor Cox does a good job keeping us up to date with the progress and upcoming deliveries.”

Going forward, the plan for SLR Trans is to stick with Schmitz Cargobull and to keep adding its trailers to the fleet.

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