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Stateline Freight puts SAF-Holland INTRADISCs to the test

It was at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show where Tasmania-based and family-owned transport company, Stateline Freight, was first introduced to SAF-Holland. Director, Paul Ryan, who established the company in 1993 with his brother, Gerard, entered the event empty handed and left with everything.

“We were there on day one, and some of the stalls were still getting set up,” Paul says. “We got to SAF-Holland first and spoke to a technician who was absolutely awesome. He basically went through and explained everything.” 

Following this interaction it was clear to Paul that SAF-Holland was the way to go. Its German design – which he believes is on top – was a standout feature.

“In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than German made,” he says. “It’s just got superb strength, quality, precision and engineering.”

After that Brisbane Truck Show, Paul went ahead and ordered five trailers through Vawdrey and he asked them to fit SAF-Holland INTRADRUMs specifically.

“We’ve had no problems at all with them since,” he says. “We’ve done nearly 500,000 kilometres on one of the trailers and there’s never been a problem. “That being said, we’re very strict on servicing. It’s always done by Vawdrey or Campbellfield Trailer Services as they are agents for SAF-Holland.”

For Paul, although SAF-Holland may not be the cheapest option on the market, he says you get what you pay for.

“That’s the reason why we’ll always stick with SAF-Holland,” he says. “We spoke to them again at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, and they were the ones that convinced us to go to SAF-Holland INTRADISCs, so we went ahead and ordered the four sets of drop decks with INTRADISCs on them.”

The four new 36-pallet B-double Titeliners from Vawdrey, fitted with SAF-Holland’s 19.5” INTRADISCs, have since arrived.

“They’re absolutely perfect, spot-on,” Paul says. “They’re no less than what I expected, they tow absolutely beautifully. They were put to the test from Melbourne to Darwin and back, and they were on their maximum weight, so it was a good shake down.

“There were no problems at all. The drivers were absolutely wrapped with how quickly the whole rig slowed down as a B-double, and just with the overall suspension and how it towed.”

These units have been dedicated to Stateline Freight’s interstate operations where two travel between Melbourne and Sydney carrying full trailer loads while the other two travel between Melbourne and Brisbane.

To Paul, the extended brake pad and the product lifetime has proven to be most valuable.

“Down to the suspension and the braking, part of the reason why we went for SAF-Holland INTRADISCs was for two reasons – the stopping power, which is about a third shorter stopping distance, and the brake fade,” he says.

In his experience with the new units, Paul says the braking distance is far less than the drum, and it’s simple, easy and a lot cheaper to replace.

“We’re running SAF-Holland INTRADISCs all round, and they certainly give better braking,” he says. “With all of the technology in the trucks like Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and that sort of thing, it’s going to be dynamite. This is our first lot, so it’s going to be interesting, but we’re really looking forward to testing them out.”

By choosing SAF-Holland suspension systems specifically since 2017, Paul has also completely avoided downtimes.

“It’s been six years and we haven’t had one bit of downtime,” he says. “We haven’t had to wait on parts or anything like that. There’s no oil or grease leaks and there’s no slopping of the shock absorbers. Everything is just as steel tight as a drum. We’ve done nearly half a million kilometres, and apart from regular servicing, there are just no issues.”

Stateline Freight has since ordered another two A-double skels, and while they aren’t expected to arrive until early next year, Paul has already made sure that they will come fitted with SAF-Holland’s INTRADISCs.

“We’ve again asked Vawdrey for SAF-Holland INTRADISCs,” he says. “The product is never a problem, and from servicing, there hasn’t been a need to replace anything. So, we’re definitely staying with SAF-Holland INTRADISCs from now on.”

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