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Steady performance across heavy vehicle sector: Report

Heavy vehicle information specialist, ARTSA-i Data, has reported steady performance across the sector in its September quarter report.

The June quarter posted a steady performance with new registrations for the quarter mirroring those for the previous quarter according to ARTSA-i Data analytics Executive Director, Rob Perkins.

“This is a little unusual in that history tells us that new registrations rise throughout the quarters of the calendar year and generally finish on a high with the December quarter.

“To have a flat September (Q3) quarter is unusual but perhaps reflective of the supply chain struggles with meeting demand.

“There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that demand is very strong, but this demand is not translating into record sales due to a shortage of both equipment and skilled labour.

Prime movers

The positive trend is reported to continue even with a slowing in Q3 registrations by 2.8 per cent compared to the previous quarter although annual growth is still recording 8.4 per cent to end September 2022. The trend line shows growth of some 20 per cent compared with data from four years ago.


Like prime movers, trailers have had a small negative quarter compared to Q2 with -0.8 per cent however the annual growth is 4.1 per cent to ends September 2022. Trailer growth over the last four years has been a cumulative 35 per cent which is almost double that for prime mover growth.

Heavy and medium rigids

Unlike prime movers and trailers, rigids did increase new registrations over the previous quarter with a modest 2.5 per cent growth. Annually they are growing at 1.8 per cent which is below both prime mover and trailer growth. In the last four years the trend line in growth has been around 5.0 per cent in total which is well down compared to prime movers and trailers which have had 20 per cent and 35 per cent growth respectively.

The heavy sector of rigids often tows dog trailers. These have displayed a downward trend in new registrations over the last four years with flat new registrations particularly over the last three years.

ARTSA-i Data analytics can supply a range of custom heavy vehicle reports that provide considerable detail by manufacturer, but can also be analysed by state, by year and other variables such as registration category, VIN, postcode, age and more.

ARTSA-I Data also offers an interactive Tableau driven analytics package that allows users to build their own data reports – the graphs above are taken from that online system.

For more information on the data that can be purchased contact Perkins: or phone +61 411 402 832

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