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Streamlining the Process for Livestock 

Integrity Systems Company’s (ISC) new electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) Livestock Consignments app is streamlining the process for livestock consignments. 

It is expected to accelerate the digitalisation of the red meat industry by enabling consignment details to be transferred from creator to transporter, even while offline.

The eNVD app is a completely offline solution and uses QR codes to transfer consignment data from producer to transporter, sale-yard, feedlot and processor. If a transfer takes place where there is no internet, the data will sync with the eNVD database when the receiver is back in a service area.

The eNVD app was released in November 2022 and since then has been downloaded more than 3,000 times with 69,000 head moved using the app.

Developed in collaboration with the red meat industry, ISC has been onboarding processors, transporters, agents, feedlots and sale-yards since the app was made available on the Google Play and App stores.

“No more having to stop, take a photo of an NVD, send it back, send it to the office or the receivers – it’s already been done and managed online,” said Athol Carter, Compliance and Central QLD Manager, Frasers LivestockTransport. “This way is going to alleviate a lot of manual processes that take up so much time and eat unnecessarily into your day.

“There is still work to do to ensure this is adopted and ready for everyone, but I think one of the beauties is how simple it is. Once you get in the app, there’s some great tutorials and all the information you need is right there. If it can keep us moving and, on the road, this will provide a complete solution across the supply chain. After all, an animal doesn’t carry their own briefcase to market!” 


eNVD app users are encouraged to contact their transporters and receivers to check that they are digital ready before submitting their consignments. 

“If a producer or processor is embarking on this journey and using the app, let us know,” said Athol. “We want to be prepared and get our staff on top of it, so they know what to expect. Due to our responsibilities, we’re always reinforcing the fact that our drivers must have some sort of movement record, so we want to be ready for all possibilities.” 

ISC Chief Executive Officer Jane Weatherley said releasing the eNVD app was just one milestone in ISC’s vision to increase the use of digital consignments. 

“Digital consignments are an opportunity for Australia’s red meat industry to strengthen its integrity systems and reputation as a leader in biosecurity and food safety. However, the success of digital consignments relies on the whole of industry embracing the eNVD app and web system,” said Jane.

“Currently 30 per cent of all consignments are completed digitally. To ensure the supply chain is adequately prepared for an increase in digital consignments, our adoption team is working with stakeholders to assist with setting up supply chain capabilities and up-skilling where needed.”

A series of webinars will be held in the coming months to support the red meat industry as it transitions to the eNVD app and web-based system. For more information, click here. 

ISC has also produced a suite of ‘how to’ resources to help the red meat industry transition to the eNVD system. 

The eNVD Livestock Consignments app is available for free download through the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. 


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