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Streeflands Logistics Solutions sticks with Carrier Transicold

As summer sets in, Troy Streefland has embraced the technology involved in keeping his cargo cool. He is using the Tasmanian winter months to make sure his new Carrier Transicold equipment is ready to go. 

His company, Launceston-based Streeflands Logistics Solutions, supports a number of fast-moving consumer goods with beverages being the main product they deliver. 

“We made a decision to improve our cold chain and have a unit that could run independent of the truck and could be operating when the trucks are stationary and we’re making deliveries,” Troy says.

Carrier Transicold’s Supra range of refrigeration units are designed for demanding distribution environments. They offer superior pull-down and accurate temperature control and are supported by a range of evaporators with electric fans, providing constant airflow independent of the engine. 

Troy had previously owned some of the cold chain provider’s direct drive units that he was happy with, but they only worked when the engine was running. He decided to stick with the brand and ordered four Supra units for his rigid trucks.

“We are only a few months in, but so far the feedback from staff has been really good,” he says.

Troy’s business got its start as a country milk and bread run his parents bought in 1986. With time they added a furniture delivery business into the mix, but eventually decided to concentrate on client specific contracts. In 2008, Troy came on board helping transition the business to one that included logistics and warehousing. Today he has 40 vehicles in his fleet and more than 55 staff members. 

To go with the Supra units, Troy has also acquired Carrier Transicold’s Lynx Fleet telematics system to monitor location and temperature. The Lynx Fleet digital platform offers end-to-end supply chain visibility, real-time monitoring, actionable analytics and improved sustainability for refrigerated transport operations.

“Telematics was an affordable bolt-on, allowing us to be able to monitor things remotely and ensure we remained within specification,” Troy says. “It’s an application that allows us to give our customers a safety net.”

For Troy, the winter is a good time to work with the equipment and build some data sets before the heat of the summer set in. 

“Hopefully we’ll have a good handle on what that data and information will give us ahead of our summer months and our peak periods for beverages as well.”

Troy says staying on top of advances in technology is a must in business and he’s pleased that any issues he or his staff have in learning about the new equipment is met with timely, expert help from Carrier. 

“They have a great team of contractors that look after their after sales service,” he says. “Even though we are on the island, we are well taken care of.”

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