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Stronger with Strenx Tubes

Manufactured with SSAB’s performance steel, Strenx Tubes can make products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable. The Strenx range of high-strength structural steel tubes come in circular, square and rectangular shapes primarily, and customised shapes are available upon request.

The entire Strenx Tubes range was made for predictable performance in the workshop. For example, the properties and fine surface finish of Strenx Tubes makes it perfect for laser cutting. Thermal cutting of Strenx Tubes is also possible with oxy-fuel flame and plasma.

Strenx Tubes can be machined without special equipment and can be welded using any conventional welding method. They can also be sawed with normal practices. Compared to mild steel tubes, saw blade wear can be lower, as the low carbon equivalent prevents the longitudinal weld seam from hardening in the welding process.

In addition, all Strenx Tubes meet or exceed the tolerances of European standards – EN10219 for cold formed welded steel structural hollow sections and EN10210 for hot finished steel structural hollow sections.

Part of the high-quality line-up, Strenx Tube 700MLH is a HF-welded, cold-formed structural hollow section made of hot-rolled high-strength steel with a minimum yield strength of 700MPa, and it is available Australia-wide.

Its high strength, combined with a naturally stiff form of welded hollow section, enables the construction of stronger and lighter structures. Typical applications include load-bearing structures in the lifting, handling and transportation segments, especially in conditions that require extremely good toughness.

Strenx Tube 700MLH meets or exceeds the requirements of EN 10219-3 (2020) and it is CE marked according to EN 1090-2. Available primarily in circular, square and rectangular shapes, it too can arrive in other shapes, upon request.

The maximum length of each tube is 12-18 meters, depending on the size. Longer or cut-to-length tubes can be requested as well.

The benefits of Strenx Tubes are visible across the board. Depending on the starting point, designers can reduce up to 30 per cent of weight of steel structures by using thinner tubes with higher strength. Therefore, lighter equipment becomes more resource-efficient and can save energy in operation. The SSAB steel used is also tougher in lower temperatures – as seen in Strenx Tube 900MH and Strenx Tube 960MH with 40J at -20°C, or Strenx Tube 700QLH and 960QLH with 40J at -40°C.

Strenx Tubes are weldable with conventional welding methods, and according to SSAB, are easier to repair than other materials. They also lead to significantly reduced welding times with a lower required amount of welding consumables. The steel itself is 100-per cent recyclable, and therefore has a much lower impact on the environment compared to traditional aluminium.

The Strenx Tubes range is readily available for operators looking to secure gains in durability and sustainability.

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