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Tangled web of rules undermine supply chain in Victoria

The delivery of essential goods to Victorian families and businesses is being tangled in a web of rules for interstate freight drivers and causing chaos on state borders.

Victorian Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight, Roma Britnell said the Daniel Andrews-led Victorian Government had pushed truck drivers and the supply chain to the brink.

“Our truckies have had enough – they are being caught in the tangled web of border entry requirement that each state puts in place,” she said.

“The supply chain is already pushed to the brink. If we keep making it harder for truckies to do their job, the system will fall over and Victorians won’t have the goods they need,” said Britnell.

“Daniel Andrews is guilty of having no plan to work with neighbouring states towards a standard set of rules to keep interstate freight flowing.”

On Monday, truck drivers were refused entry into South Australia after testing requirements were changed — with no freight friendly testing site nearby.

Heavy vehicle drivers were forced to turn around and park their trucks behind the Horsham Hospital in order to comply with new testing and entry requirements.

The State Opposition urged all State Governments to immediately implement a uniform set of rules for interstate freight to stop this chaos and confusion.

“National Cabinet agreed to a framework but states are not compelled to implement it meaning each state has its own set of rules and requirements which leaves truckies caught in the middle,” the statement continued.

The Liberal Nationals claimed it had a plan to keep freight moving, with an increase in freight-friendly testing sites, introduction of rapid testing, priority vaccination appointments and making freight workers exempt from the authorised worker permit system.

“We now also call on the Andrews Labor Government to work with our neighbouring states to adopt the National Cabinet framework and ensure a uniform set of rules on state borders to keep freight moving to where it needs to be.”

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