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Tasman Logistics Services announces joint venture

A new integrated supply chain company has emerged.

Tasman Logistics Services has partnered with Aviva Prime Philippines to launch Aviva Tasman Corporation.

“Our new partnership specialises in sourcing food products direct from farmers and distributing across all of the Philippines through our facilities and logistics network in a manner not seen before,” said Tasman Logistics Services CEO, Ivan Vanis.

“I am so proud of our combined efforts to put all of this together. Following the successful completion of our first food project together, which was done with absolute precision and quality exceeding all of our customers expectations.”

Last year, Tasman Logistics Services acquired Ryans Group.

Also, Katharina of Tasman Logistics Services was presented with the Female Leadership Award at the 2023 Australian Freight Industry Awards (AFIAs)

Vanis was the recipient of the Young Achiever of the Year Award at the 2020 AFIAs.

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