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Team Global Express addresses freight needs at exhibition

Team Global Express representatives recently took the stage at the Alibaba Digital Expo in Sydney, Australia, to discuss freight and logistics requirements in both the local and international markets.

Attended by Team Global Express Chief Consumer Officer, Taeressa Fawthrop, and Chief Transformation Officer, Mario Philippou, the exhibition provided a valuable platform for international and Australian businesses to explore growth opportunities.

In a discussion with Fawthrop and Philippou, Alibaba ANZ General Manager, Pier Smulders, said there has been significant growth in cross-border e-commerce volume, with consumers looking for value.

“In our case with AliExpress coming from China, all the growth on AliExpress on our last earnings was 60 per cent up year-on-year globally,” he said.

“That just gives you a sense of the demand that is out there.”

For logistics businesses to deliver on this growth, Smulders said they can focus on product selection, pricing and services.

“I think the key point and the insight is that logistics plays such an absolutely critical part, because people aren’t going to be willing to wait,” he said.

“They might wait, but when there’s competitors that offer something quicker, they’re not going to wait weeks to get their product.”

Smulders said that if there is something Australian retailers can learn from the international market, particularly in China, it’s to make shopping more entertaining.

“You have to look at the rise of Tik Tok, for example, which is a Chinese way of interacting with consumers,” he said.

“The Chinese way of marketing is very intense – it’s entertainment. I think one of the key insights is that in China, shopping is entertainment and entertainment is shopping.

“I think what retailers can learn from that in the west is to make the e-commerce experience more experiential, and then of course you need to get the right service in delivering the product to the consumer, which is where you guys [Team Global Express] come in.”

Smulders also commented on ways Australian businesses can explore international growth opportunities.

“I think one of the real trends is the innovations that are coming into the supply chain that change the risk/reward calculation for brands, such as we now fulfil products from Australia to Chinese consumers through a very innovative, consolidated, customs cleared air freight model,” he said.

“I would say, yes, you’ve got to have the basics right – the right product and pricing – but also look at innovative new models that may change the risk profile to enter a new market.”

According to Team Global Express, its presence at the event reaffirmed its dedication to providing seamless international shipping and logistics solutions.

“It’s a real privilege for us to participate and have the invitation,” said Philippou.

By embracing innovative approaches and fostering strategic partnerships, Team Global Express said it remains committed to equipping businesses, both local and international, with a competitive edge in the dynamic global market landscape.

In other news, Motorists using the Snowy Mountains Highway in Pine Valley, New South Wales, will benefit from a series of upgrades as part of the Federal and State Governments’ commitment to improving the safety and reliability of regional road networks.

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