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Team Global Express backs NHVR safety campaign

Team Global Express is actively participating in the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) We All Need Space campaign.

The NHVR’s We All Need Space campaign focuses on simple yet vital tips to increase safety around heavy vehicles.

It looks to raise awareness on overtaking trucks and caravan etiquette, while encouraging light vehicle drivers to remember that trucks have much larger blind spots and need more space to stop.

By placing the campaign’s stickers on its vehicles, Team Global Express is aiming to educate light vehicle drivers on the critical importance of maintaining safe distances with trucks on the road.

“Through our efforts, we embrace the message that everyone, regardless of their profession, needs space to ensure safety on the roads,” a Team Global Express spokesperson said.

“This initiative underlines our commitment to promoting road safety and fostering a safer driving environment for all.”

A study conducted by the NHVR surveyed 1,000 drivers across Australia and found that half of motorists (51 per cent) experience anxiety or nervousness when driving near heavy vehicles.

The survey revealed that although drivers believe they have some understanding of how to safely share the road with heavy vehicles, just 32 per cent feel very knowledgeable about the rules.

In other news, the Victorian Transport Association has announced additional details and a keynote speaker for State Conference 2024.

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