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The Deafening Detroit Classic

Continuing PowerTorque’s tour of famous nostalgic engine notes of the Australia trucking industry, we now come to the deafening Detroit classic, the Detroit Diesel 12V71, which makes a sound which will set off plenty of nostalgic memories for the truck enthusiast.

The main video features a 1969 Kenworth W924 Extended Cowl pulling B-double log trailers. The specification list includes, the Detroit 12V71, of course, a Fuller RTO 1213, Spicer P -1241 -C Auxillary, Timken Rockwell double reduction SFDD 4640 . The truck is running at a 68 tonne mass and was formerly working for Quarry Industries, Adelaide. This video was made in 2008 at Mount Gambier, SA.

This second video gives us that famous engine braking sound, which will be familiar to anyone who would be woken up while spending a night near any major highway in Australia, back in the day when these engines were the norm.

This next video shows that familiar high revving when taking off in of this Kenworth with 12V71 Detroit pulling a road train, owned by Paddy Ward of Orange and hauling a selection of classic trucks to or from an event.


Here we have an example of a later Detroit Diesel two stroke engine, the 8V92 is coming into the Charlton Truckstop, West of Toowoomba, on a clear cold morning. This engine was a development from the older 71 Series engines and was first released in the US in 1974. They were still two strokes and still produce that evocative Detroit engine note.




Finally, here’s an expert on the 71 Series Detroit engines getting more technical about the features of this engine. He also explains how the name of the engine is derived and comes up with some of the engine’s specifications. Naturally aspirated the 14 litre 456hp engine managed to put out 1200 ft lb of torque, that’s 1626Nm. Add in a turbo and the figures go up to 525hp, with the engine’s torque at 1450 ft lb or 1966 Nm. At the same time the engine also weighed pretty heavy at over 1.5 tonnes, all up.

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