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The five hidden costs of a cheap coolant revealed

In the world of heavy-duty diesel engines, a significant 40 per cent of problems arise from insufficient cooling system maintenance. The allure of cost savings can lead us to search for cheaper coolant options. While opting for a cheaper coolant may seem like a savvy financial decision, the hidden costs associated with such choices can outweigh the initial savings.

1. Reduced engine efficiency

Cheap coolants often lack the advanced additives and corrosion inhibitors found in Fleetguard coolant. This deficiency can result in accelerated corrosion and sediment build-up within the engine, compromising its efficiency over time. The long-term consequence is a decrease in fuel efficiency and overall engine performance.

2. Increased maintenance costs

Unlike many coolants out there, PG Platinum coolant is a popular choice among heavy duty engine owners because it’s also silicone-safe. This means that our products don’t contain 2-ethylhexanoic acid (2-EH), which can cause silicone hoses, seals and gaskets to lose their flexibility and elasticity, ultimately leading to coolant leaks.

3. Higher risk of cavitation

The PG Platinum is a propylene glycol-based premixed coolant that uses organic additive technology (OAT), specially formulated to provide advanced, long-lasting protection against corrosion and liner pitting (also known as cavitation) in your engine. It’s compatible with different elastomeric seals, gaskets, plastics and metal alloys used by OEM heavy-duty engine manufacturers.

4. Shortened coolant lifespan

Quality coolants are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and provide long-lasting protection. In contrast, cheaper alternatives may have a shorter lifespan, requiring more frequent coolant changes. The constant need for replacement not only incurs additional costs but also contributes to environmental waste.

5. Compromised warranty coverage

PG Platinum is a propylene glycol-based premixed coolant that uses organic additive technology. Image: Atmus Filtration Technologies

PG Platinum is fully supported by the Fleetguard Global Warranty and can be used across a range of original equipment (OE) brands, such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Mercedes, Volvo and Waukesha.

The initial savings from choosing a cheap coolant can quickly dissipate when considering the hidden costs associated with engine damage, reduced efficiency, and increased maintenance.

Prioritising the long-term health of your engine by investing in Fleetguard coolant is a wise decision that pays off in performance, efficiency, and financial savings down the road.

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