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The Importance of Reporting for 2024 – Trucking is a numbers game

Ever tried to navigate your way to a new destination without a map?

A good sense of direction might get you close, but won’t get you to the exact spot you need to be.

Think of your business goals as a new destination. Knowing the destination is great, but you need information to help get you there, aka a map. Your map will be made up of different things, but arguably most importantly – reporting.

MyTrucking reporting is quick and simple. An efficient Transport Management Software will save you time and money on data entry and reduce double handling of job data. 

We’ve put together information on the importance of reporting and how you can do custom reporting with MyTrucking.

Why do I need reporting?

Simple, knowledge is power. Reporting equips you with the information you need to track your journey from Point A to Point B. From tracking your expenses and revenue to finding out where you can make savings, and even keeping track of your vehicle miles. 

By tracking data in your business you can:

Adopt the best practices 
Keep your trucks in the best condition
Reduce idling time (for trucks and drivers!)
Ensure you’re using the latest technology
Keep track of spending
Save time and money
Increase profit

Honing in on the important figures

As the main pricing measurement for trucking is the kilometer, it is crucial that businesses understand their vehicle cost per km. It provides an easier way to match operating expenses with pricing decisions.

When we say reporting, people often automatically jump to financial reports, but you can run other reports on other data sets within your business that are vital too. 

Custom reporting with MyTrucking

Say goodbye to hundreds of spreadsheets you can never find when you want, and say hello to custom reporting.

MyTrucking was designed by truckers for truckers, so of course, we’ve got you covered for your reporting needs. Need to send a report to a subcontractor without your pricing information? 

Easy, create a custom report, tick the boxes you need, save it, label it, and boom, you’re done.

MyTruckings’ custom reporting feature allows you to create customised reports specific to your business that you can save and use over and over again. Easily group and filter the information you want to report on so you can get key insights into different areas of your business.

Ready to get your roadmap together and get your business to its next destination? Enjoy a two-week free trial or book a demo to see how MyTrucking can get the wheels in motion.

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