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The New 18 speed AMT from Paccar

Here is a video from Peterbilt in the US, showing us how the new driveline in trucks like the DAF XG+ is likely to be described as including a gearbox  presented as the new 18 speed from Paccar. 

The wording used by Paccar when they were presenting the DAF XG+ at the Brisbane Truck Show hinted at the naming conventions which are going to be used in the new DAF and, probably, in all of the trucks produced by Paccar, going forward.

The engine in the new 660 hp truck is going to be the Cummins X15D, the next generation from the red engine maker, but it could well appear in the DAF as the Paccar MX15, to fit in with the other naming conventions used by DAF elsewhere in the models it has on offer.

At the same time this video from Peterbilt is displaying the new heavy duty AMT for the top end models from Peterbilt trucks and billing it as the Paccar TX-18, a new 18 speed automated transmission for Peterbilt. This is, presumably, the Eaton Endurant XD, which is fitted in the new Kenworth K220 and is set to be fitted in the XG+.

This suggests that the next generation of DAF trucks to arrive, and perhaps the Kenworths as well, will probably be officially fitted with an integrated Paccar driveline on which the originators of the technology, Cummins and Eaton, do not quite get the billing they have in past models from the Paccar organisation.

However, here at PowerTorque, we think it may be the case that on certain trucks the branding will remain unchanged. It seems very difficult to envisage a truck like the Kenworth T909 without a red engine and, surely, the Roadranger will always be a Roadranger.


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