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‘The Vigia auto inflate/deflate system got me out of a sticky situation’

As the owner of Tom Laing Transport Dubbo (TLT Dubbo), every day is different.

I find myself all over the country, out west travelling rough country roads or in the east tackling the hills and previously, being stuck in mud and on slippery slopes while moving livestock across the country.

Excessive tyre wear, tyre and vehicle damage and high maintenance costs were the norm in these environments.

The continual thumping over hundreds of kilometres of dirt and corrugated roads took its toll on the truck – and me – every day while on the go.

Around 12 months ago, Truck Art Trailers fitted the latest VIGIA NM464 auto tyre inflation and deflation system to the drive wheels of my Kenworth 659 prime mover. I really needed to do something about tyre wear and reducing shock to the truck and myself while on rough and corrugated terrain.

The ability to push a button to inflate and deflate tyres to suit the terrain, the ease of use and in-cab display panel combined with the proven dependability of the Vigia system made the decision easy.

Recently, without tractor assistance, I was able to get out of a situation where I would have normally been stuck due to mud and a greasy incline. I was lucky enough to be able to simply push a button to lower the tyre pressures and I slowly drove out. I may not always be this lucky however, the ability to lower the tyre pressures quickly and then also reinflate with the push of a button worked well this time around.

I have set four different tyre pressures in the system to gain traction, to give a smoother ride on rough roads, to settle the prime mover over corrugations and for when loaded/unloaded. 

It’s just good to know every day you go to work you have the insurance of the correct tyre pressures taking one less stress factor off the job. 

Travelling the backroads, I am exposed to high numbers of kangaroos and other wildlife, none of which have caused any form of damage to the Vigia system. This has surprised other drivers as they thought the system may have been vulnerable to damage.

Changing tyres with the Vigia auto inflate/deflate system is simple and I have had to do it far less often than previously. I have also noticed far less wear and damage to the tyres since fitting the Vigia auto inflate/deflate system.

I use the Vigia Tyre auto inflate/deflate system every day and I am extremely happy with the results. It’s simple to use, I can set the tyre pressures for each condition and it provides a level of flexibility I have not previously experienced.

I will definitely have Truck Art Trailers fit the Vigia auto inflate/deflate system on my next truck too.

The Vigia system has been a great investment for TLT Dubbo as we transport livestock across the country, and I would recommend it to anyone in the transport world.


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