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There’s Nothing Quite Like the Sound of a V8

This may be an indulgent video of the week, but to many people in the Australian trucking industry, there’s nothing like the sound of V8 Mack under load and climbing a grade. So, here it is, a video made by our friends across the ditch Dave McCoid and Carl Kirkbeck, from NZ Trucking Media, who made this video as part of their series of retro truck drives in New Zealand.

Driving around here in Australia, it’s still possible  to see one of these old girls still working and they are also Mack Super-Liners of that era sitting in many truck collections around the country.

For those of us who were around at the time, this sound can set off the juices flowing and memories come streaming back of life out on the highway  over 30 years ago when trucks like these were the bees knees.

As Dave says, “We’re going to sample trucks from the great era that spanned the early 70s, through until the early 90s, roughly … there are no hard and fast rules. To some degree we aim to investigate just how far we’ve come (if we’ve come that far at all), but the main thrust is to have a bit of fun, go on a nostalgic trip, enjoy a few laughs, and rekindle some fantastic yarns and memories from a great period in our transport history that’s now gone.”

So here’s another video for the diehard Super-Liner fans:

The Super-Liner began was originally in 1970s by a Mack Trucks subsidiary, Brockway Motor Company, a subsidiary manufacturer of Mack Trucks. The designers took the basic long bonneted Mack RS700, squared up the bonnet to make room for the larger engine and cooling package.

When Brockway closed down in 1977 Mack continued the development of a truck, made at Wacol in Queensland, which would go on to gain legendary status with Mack enthusiasts in Australia.


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