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Transforming Commercial Vehicle Maintenance

The ESOC875E electronic commercial vehicle oil change system, developed by ESOC in the USA, is transforming the commercial vehicle maintenance landscape in the technological sense.

This system not only reduces labour time and costs significantly but also moves towards greater efficiency and sustainability in commercial vehicle servicing.

Designed to complete oil changes within 10 to 15 minutes, the ESOC875E allows technicians to allocate their time more effectively, marking a pivotal advancement in workshop productivity and environmental stewardship.

Crucially, the system’s fully electronic and metered oil dispensing feature ensures precise control over the oil change process, further enhancing its efficiency and reducing waste.

One of the most appealing things of the ESOC875E’s appeal is its reduction in labour time and costs. Capable of completing oil changes for trucks and commercial vehicles in 10 to 15 minutes, it frees up technicians to perform other tasks, enhancing workshop productivity.

This efficiency is not only about speed but it represents a commitment to ESOC’s mission of developing ‘Green fluid exchange technologies.’

These technologies are designed not only for preventative maintenance of both heavy and light-duty engines but also to minimise truck downtime and ensure the procedures are as quick and easy for the technician as possible.

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The universal attributes of the ESOC875E system is one of its key strengths. With support for multiple truck brand fittings, it has compatibility with a wide range of trucks and commercial vehicles. This versatility ensures that workshops can use the system on a variety of vehicles.

From a technical standpoint, the ESOC875E can exchange approximately 38 litres of oil in 10 to 15 minutes. This is a significant advancement for commercial vehicle servicing workshops that are constantly seeking ways to achieve real cost savings and improvements in time-saving equipment.

The system’s innovative features, such as automatic oil sampling and patented spill-free quick-connect fittings, utilise the latest technology to speed up oil extraction and refilling processes, thereby increasing speed and productivity.

From purging waste oil and refilling with new oil in approximately 15 minutes, requiring 100psi compressed air, to its onboard fluid management system and USB for data transfer and saving, the system is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It also features an onboard computer that records vital information such as vehicle ID, mileage, amount of oil added, and technician ID, ensuring thorough and accurate maintenance records.

The operating instructions highlight the user-friendly nature of the system. From draining the waste oil to filling the engine with new oil, the process is streamlined and straightforward, reflecting a design that prioritises ease of use without compromising on functionality.

The ESOC875E represents a significant forward leap in commercial vehicle maintenance technology reducing labour time and costs, offering wide compatibility, and incorporating advanced features that ensure speed, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

It stands out as a perfect addition to any truck or commercial vehicle workshop, changing how maintenance is performed, and offering a more efficient, sustainable, and productive future.


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