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TraX: Your new guardian angel on the road

Chris Hayes, SKF’s Automotive Product Manager, and Andy Hicks, Business Manager Vehicle Service, who together amass over 35 years of experience in the industry, have witnessed the detrimental consequences of neglecting wheel end maintenance.

They explain there have been high-risk scenarios in the past with petrol tankers in particular, that could have resulted in dangerous circumstances, hadn’t it been for effective wheel end monitoring through SKF solutions.

The TraX Wheel End Monitor aims to address this to enhance road safety by providing real-time information on wheel bearing vibration and temperature to users, ensuring that these high-risk situations can be avoided.

When discussing the development of this solution, its initial purpose was to address vibration issues on unitised bearings, but the SKF managers say customers requested additional features.

“For example, we incorporated temperature monitoring into this new version, but also kept it user-friendly,” explains Chris. “The product is bolted between two wheel studs and set with a magnet, and it starts to monitor the bearings for possible faults that could arise straight away once the vehicle is in motion.”

Andy points out that TraX offers reduced cost of ownership as there is no requirement for preventative wheel bearing replacements.

“This makes it the most economical retrofittable solution for wheel end monitoring,” he says. “The TraX Wheel End Monitor is also unique compared with other products on the market because as far as we’re aware, we’re the only ones offering the bearing monitoring. Others have sensors that will do tyre pressure and temperature. Whereas our solution offers monitoring of the wheel end for vibration and temperature and can be reset once potential issues have been addressed.”

SKF’s unique offering is not stopping there, with future developments including Bluetooth and telematics, depending on customer demand. The Bluetooth version is expected to launch early next year, while the full telematics option is dependent on Australian customers’ demand for this technology.

Both the managers point out that as the TraX Wheel End Monitor continues to evolve, its purpose remains clear: listening to customer feedback to develop solutions that will benefit them in the best way possible.

“We’re really excited to be launching the TraX Wheel End Monitor at the Brisbane Truck Show where we will have stock in Australia ready for anyone that wants to come and talk to us about it,” Chris says. “Customer feedback is core to our research and development. We’re continually striving to improve.”

To discover more about how the TraX Wheel End Monitor can be the ultimate guardian angel on the road, there is no better opportunity than to speak directly to the experts.

Where and when? Brisbane Truck Show Stand 338, Thursday 18-21 May 2023, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Visit the website to learn more about the TraX Wheel End Monitor

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