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Treading excellence

Recognised for its commitment to quality over price, Haulmax Tyres offers a product range that significantly enhances operational and financial efficiency across the spectrum of new equipment builds.

Australian Tyre Traders, who owns, innovates and supplies the Haulmax Tyres range, are an Australian-owned and family-run business that has grown over the last 23 years to have over 70 staff Australia-wide. With nine warehouse locations covering every state and territory, it has a comprehensive coverage and exceptional product availability tailored to the Australian landscape.

Engineered locally to be fit for purpose for Australian transport operators, the Haulmax Tyres range has a pattern to suit all applications and is helping transport operators across Australia improve their financial and operational efficiency, regardless of their fleet size.

Australian Tyre Traders National Marketing and Communications Manager, Daniel Sapsead, highlights the bespoke nature of the company’s offerings.

“Our mission is to provide tyre solutions that meet the specific needs of the Australian transport sector,” he says. “We understand the diversity of transport routes, cargo and road surfaces across Australia, which is why our tyres are designed to address these varied requirements.”

Haulmax Tyres distinguishes itself with an expansive selection of 14 patterns, in various sizes, all tailored to the unique needs of the Australian transport industry and the truck and trailer manufacturers that support it, underpinning the brand’s reputation for innovation and customised solutions.

It’s this reputation and range selection that make Haulmax Tyres a strategic choice for transport operators when considering a new build or replacement tyres. Coupled with the brand’s lifetime warranty and lower running cost guarantee, Haulmax Tyres offers customers peace of mind, tangible savings and a risk-free assessment of the brand.

For OEMs, Haulmax Tyres offers a synergy of quality, reliability and efficiency tailored to Australian conditions. This is driven by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, making Haulmax Tyres an integral component of new equipment manufacturing in Australia.

“Our collaboration with Australia’s leading equipment builders is rooted in a mutual commitment to quality and innovation,” Daniel says. “It’s a partnership that goes beyond business, built on a foundation of shared values and a dedication to excellence.

“Our expert teamwork in partnership with the original equipment manufacturers to ensure our tyre and wheel solutions are truly fit for purpose.”

If you are in the process of, or considering, a new truck or trailer build and would like more information on Haulmax Tyres, please reach out to your equipment manufacturer, local Haulmax Tyres partner, or speak to the Haulmax Tyres team on 1300 761 802.

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