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TRP: Trusted, reliable and proven

PACCAR Parts developed the TRP brand 29 years ago and after successfully launching in Europe and the United States, PACCAR Parts introduced TRP to the Australian market in 2013. Since that time, it has continued to grow its aftermarket product range.

The TRP range has been positioned to look after second and third owners of trailers and trucks – predominantly Kenworths – but also other makes and models with American drivelines.

These days the TRP range shares some similarity with the US product line up, however, recognising the unique environment of Australia, there has been considerable work done with local manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the range fits and works with PACCAR’s vehicles and the rigours of the Australian landscape. Many local manufacturers and suppliers ensure the range fits and works with PACCAR’s vehicles and the rigours of the Australian landscape.

The TRP range essentially covers everything from the front of a truck to the rear, along with a range of parts that suit trailer combinations too.

By continuing to look for new opportunities in the market, PACCAR Parts Product Marketing Manager, Niels Holm, says the TRP range has filled important gaps in product offerings that provide a quality part at a competitive price.

Products within the TRP Product Range Guide 2023 include general accessories, air conditioning compressors and associated HVAC products, engine mounts, coolants, wheel bearings, hoses and charge air coolers. Quality maintenance-free battery options along with alternators sourced from top OEMs are also featured.

There is also an extensive line up of cleaning products which were developed exclusively with a manufacturer in Victoria. These include hand cleaners, premium truck and trailer washes, polishes and cleaning hardware.

Suspension-wise there are a lot of solutions for trailers and prime movers such as air springs, bushes, leaf springs and shock absorbers. In addition, TRP has a range of aluminium wheels and accompanying options such as brake drums, brake shoes, disc pads and disc brake rotors which have all stood the test of time.

“We’ve had very good success with the TRP brake drum range, and complementing that has been the brake shoe range,” Niels says. “We source that from a global manufacturer that also supplies into our DAF factory in Eindhoven. So, the braking area is very well covered with TRP.”

All TRP products are backed by either a 12-, 24-, or in the case of aluminium wheels 60-month warranty. Behind the warranty is a dedicated Product Management team conducting field trials, independent testing and certification while ensuring Australian and international standards are met before any TRP product is launched in the market.

“We’re very stringent on our quality,” Niels says. “We make sure that there are no products in the TRP range that may be questioned in terms of quality. We investigate all warranty claims and work with our suppliers to develop products that support the quality and value which TRP represents.”

The TRP Product Range is available at 57 locations across Australia and New Zealand, including 14 branded TRP stores. And, according to Niels, its presence is going to continue to get bigger.

“We’re growing the number of TRP stores by three or four locations every year, giving customers new opportunities to conveniently access parts at more and more locations,” he says. “Our plan for TRP going forward is to continue to release new products that complement trailers, older Kenworths and DAF trucks.”

The new TRP Range Guide is now available from PACCAR dealers, TRP Stores and online. The new Range Guide will be available at the Brisbane Truck Show this year.

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