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Truck drivers relocating for better wages: CBD Movers

A shift in the demands of truck drivers has been seen in Western Australia following recent floods with an increase in wages and more places to relocate to according to national removal and goods transporter CBD Movers.

Wage increases for truck drivers were also resultant from a number of intersecting factors such as labour shortages due to lockdowns and quarantines and, more lately, surging fuel prices.

According to CBD Movers, many logistics businesses had been taken by surprise given the move by many drivers into the Great Southern south coast region of Western Australia where they have been looking for, among other considerations, a change of environment.

In a recent post, CBD Movers said heavy vehicle drivers were receiving the same compensation that they were getting in other flood-impacted states including those with mining industries.

“The mining industry is also witnessing a decline as grain harvest has trumped the former in terms of truckies’ preference,” CBD Movers said.

West Australian grain farmers have, over the summer, produced 23.1 million tonnes.

When compared to the previous harvest, it represents a significant increase of nearly 50 per cent.

“There is, in fact, a surplus of these grains in West Australia and truckies have a job safety lock until next summer,” said CBD Movers.

“Truckies would much rather prefer to be out here than get tied up at a mine site or in a big city such as Perth. The industry has always faced a shortage in labour, of sorts,” the company said.

In such cases, CBD Movers added, the pressure on the remaining drivers increases.

“Increasing wages are, of course, a motivation, but it also has a breaking limit,” CBD Movers added.

As one of the highest reviewed companies in Australia, CBD Movers commenced operations in 2009 as the vision of two men with a van.

Staff numbers have since grown to over 320 personnel.

Today it is a global business with operations across five other nations and a large fleet of over 150 vehicles including light and heavy vans, trucks and trailers.

“The shortage of truck drivers in Australia is a national issue and needs to be addressed as soon as possible,” continued the statement

“The first step in achieving that is of course, finding the root of the problem. Experts suggest that bad working environments and toxic work culture are some of the major factors.

Truck drivers in Australia are looking for a balance of work and personal life much like everyone else. Here in the Great Southern, it is possible and they get higher wages as well due to the reasons aforementioned. It is a win-win for drivers to work here.”

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