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Truck-obsessed teen ‘can’t wait’ to get behind the wheel

Pypah Andrews is just 15 years old, but already knows she wants to be a truckie like her dad.  

The teenager, who is from Temora, NSW, is in her first year of a school-based apprenticeship to become a diesel mechanic.  

It’s keeping her busy until she turns 19, when she can get finally behind the wheel herself.  

“I can’t get my truck licence until I’m older so I thought it would be a good idea to become a diesel mechanic,” she said.  

“That way I still get to be around trucks, and in the future when I’m a driver I’ll be able to fix my truck myself if it breaks down.”  

Andrews snapped this great pic of a rig belonging to Donohue Transport. Image: Pypah Andrews

Andrews has loved trucks ever since she was a small child.  

“I love listening to the truckies, the japes, seeing all the different types of trucks and how excited other people are about them,” she said.  

“Like when you see a kid on the side of the road gesturing to hear the horn and when they hear it, they are so happy.”  

Her dad Nathan Andrews, who works for McCabe Transport, has taught her the basics of how trucks work – and she’s picking up plenty of tips and tricks from local business CNA Diesel as part of her apprenticeship.  

In her spare time, she likes to help get trucks shined up and ready for events.  

“I’ve polished up a truck for Delta Transport, and they’ve taken it to truck shows,” she added.  

“I wash my dad’s truck as well, he drives a T909.”  

Andrews hard at work, polishing up a truck. Image: Pypah Andrews

Andrews has also taken up truck photography in a bid to spend even more time with her favourite machines.  

“I took my camera to the Goulburn Convoy,” she said.  

“And I found some dude on Facebook, I had taken a photo of his truck so I sent it to him.”

The truckie was so impressed with Andrews’ snap that he suggested she start her own truck photography page.  

“I thought I wasn’t good enough but he said the more I practiced, the better I would get. 

“Truck drivers like seeing their photos on Facebook so I said I would give it a go.  

“My photos aren’t perfect, but I’m learning.”  

Andrews’ mum, Wendy Dyer, told Big Rigs that she’s very proud of her hard-working daughter.  

“She’s a great girl, she’s doing very well in life,” she said.  

“She loves trucks and she’s going for what she wants.”  

You can check out Andrews’ truck snaps on Facebook under the name Big Banger Photography


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