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Truckies’ safety messages to motorists this Easter

Truckies are adamant that the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator needs to look outside the trucking industry with its safety messaging ahead of the Easter traffic surge.

In a media release this week, the NHVR urged truck drivers and operators to prioritise safety and to exercise caution on the roads during the long weekend holiday period.

But the overwhelming response from our Facebook followers was that the regulator was “preaching to the wrong people”.

Many also took the time to share their tips for how motorists could better share the roads with trucks.

“How about educating the car and caravan drivers to have a bit of consideration for the trucks,” wrote Tony Stephens.

“GPS, check your speedos, don’t speed up when getting passed by a truck, and stay the bloody he’ll out of the truck parking bays and remember they have to by law pull over and rest and they need thoes truck bays.

“And remember all thoes things you may buy on the break have been delivered by a truck.”

Niell Graham wants the NHVR to tell car drivers not to cut off trucks.

“Don’t pull out in front of trucks, don’t speed up when a truck is trying to overtake them on an overtaking lane when the car has been doing 80-90 but can do 100 in the overtaking lane and most of all, don’t do stupid f*****g shit around biug heavy vehicles,” Graham wrote.

“You lot might be on holiday, but we are still working.”

Cameron Clarke agreed that the NHVR was “barking up the wrong tree”.

“The wobble boxes are the worst offenders,” he said.

“Then right behind them are the people driving 20km/h under the limit to be “safe” but speed up to over 100km/h in the overtaking lanes.

“Don’t aim at the truckies… you’re preaching to the choir.”

Jevan Hart wondered why we don’t see more TV ads aimed at educating roads users on how to driver safely with trucks.

“And get them to show some courtesy, patience and to simply pay attention on the roads and give trucks the room they need.

“You see a lot of cars just have to be in front of the truck they pull out cutting trucks off only to go a couple of k down the road and turn off.”

Wayne Holstein reckons people towing vans and big dual axle trailers should have to do a mandatory driver education written module, then have a week or two driver-training to able to tow anything bigger than an 8×5 trailer.

“This includes how to load the towing and towed vehicle evenly for weight distribution.

“Then they would understand how far and timewise how long it takes to stop a heavy vehicle.”


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