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Trust and a quality trailer

If there is one trend that crops up time and time again in the transport industry, it’s the longevity of the relationships. And those who benefit from those strong bonds will tell you it isn’t simply good luck.

“I think what transport is about these days is dealing with people you can trust,” says Paul Gallagher, Managing Director at tipper and trailer manufacturer Borcat Trailers, a company that has had many of the same clients for decades.

A range of high productivity trailer combinations, that can do multiple jobs, is one part the recipe for the Sydney-based manufacturer’s success, but according to one of their longest-serving clients, it’s more than that.

“They are knowledgeable people who are also great to deal with,” says Damien Sultana, Purchasing, Facility and Logistics Coordinator for Camsons, who specialise in bulk transport.

“They are always there for us, and whether it is during the building process, a query on a new combination or just a simple repair, their communication is great.”

Camsons is a family-owned business with an extensive fleet, currently transporting in excess of 1.2 million tonnes of material per year. In their 71 years of operation, they have been working with Borcat for the past 25.

“It started with my grandfather buying them first, then my father and now myself,” says Damien, adding that as Camsons’ needs grow, Borcat has been quick to support those needs.

In fact, Borcat have just built its first Tandem A-double trailer for Camsons, to be used for carting sand and gravel. It has a five-axle dog in tow, the perfect addition to a company that requires a product which can do multiple jobs around the clock.

Based on Borcat’s ultra-lite model, the under 26m Performance-Based Standards (PBS) combination will be towed by a Mercedes Benz 2663 six-wheeler prime mover.

Damien says working with Borcat on their custom builds, and being involved in the design and manufacturing has allowed him to see how far they have come in terms of keeping up with technology, and he receives a number of details, including 3D drawings, during the process.

The advantage of this newest addition, the tandem A-double trailer, says Damien, is that his clients will receive a delivery of 50 plus tonne loads.

Borcat has been designing and building heavy duty vehicles for more than 60 years. As specialist in higher payload tippers and trailers, each is custom-built to the clients’ specifications.

They also offer after sales support, as well as easy online spare part ordering. Steady growth pushed them from their original factory, and they are now set up in Wetherill Park, New South Wales, close to the M4 and M7 motorways.

Over the years Borcat has pioneered new technology including developing their use of aluminium, ensuring the thickness and grades were on point and resulting in high-quality trailers with longevity.

Fast fact
The name Borcat is a combination of the founders’ last names – Angelo Borg and Paul Muscat. In 1958 the pair began building trailers for their coal cartage company. By 1974, they had created Borcat and became the first manufacturer in Australia to perfect a tip-over-axle tipper trailer.

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