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TWAL reflects on a mighty year

In conversation with Australian Truck Radio, Transport Women Australia Limited (TWAL) Chair, Jacquelene Brotherton, detailed the organisation’s recent successes and upcoming initiatives.

The award-winning advocate for the transport industry recently spoke with Simon Smith of Australian Truck Radio about scholarship winners, sharing knowledge, partnerships with Linfox, Viva Energy, Prime Creative Media and more.

“There is so much happening,” said Brotherton.

“It takes a lot of work and we all love it so much.

“I think that then attracts people as well when they know how passionate we are about it and how much they can then contribute through the Sub Committees and the Board – and how welcome they all are.”

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Earlier this month, TWAL named the winners of the Driving the Difference Scholarship.

The program, which supports professional development and female participation in industry, is in its fifth year and the range of candidates were varied.

“This year we had so many outstanding women apply, and the Board was hard pressed to agree on the final recipients,” said Brotherton.

“It is always so exciting to call the winners but so disappointing that you cannot award them to everybody and writing those applicants is my least favourite job throughout the year.

“However, we have five wonderful candidates who will be presented with their certificates at end of year functions in the city closest to them: the successful applicants are Estelle Synaphet of Melbourne, Chloe Wade of Wodonga, Niki Cassianos of Parkwood Qld, and Ainsleigh Thomas and Jennifer Hopcroft, both of Sydney.

“All the candidates provided outstanding applications and chosen courses that will assist them in advancing their careers within our industry and contribute their companies.”

To learn more about TWAL and membership opportunities visit the official website.

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